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Killshot Kitty

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  • cat-icon PC

I love our weekly co-streams! So glad we connected on Gamactica...


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if you enjoy long drawn out games of Friday the 13th, then don't play with Aly. If she's Jason ...

Jetway Jesus

watching Jetway and Aly go back and forth during our Friday the 13th co-streams is hilarious an...


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The times that I have visited Corrine's stream, I always laugh or crack a smile. She's fun to w...

Variety Gaming streams have been a staple of the streaming community since streaming became a thing. And boy have variety gaming streams really hit a new level since the rise of games such as Overwatch, Fortnite, and League of Legends.

Variety Gaming streams are where you can find channels that broadcast a variety of games across consoles such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and retro, along with PC

In fact, variety gaming streams have become so popular, and so lucrative, that those who are dedicated to it, can launch it into a successful full time career and cash in on the immense financial potential that can be created, such as ‘Ninja‘ has by playing Fortnite.

But the variety gaming niche is no longer complete dominated by men. In fact, the number of female Twitch streamers and female Mixer streamers have risen dramatically in recent years, and many of these streamers are getting a national spotlight for their work.

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