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Gamactica is leading innovation within the industries of content creation, gaming, sports, podcasting, entertainment and esports, fueled by award-winning internet marketing and search engine optimization. Targeted networking across the industry universe. A professional, inclusive platform built for the professional creators, brands, and businesses who want to level up.

Merging Content Creation, Marketing & SEO, Social Media, and Discovery via our niche specific search engines to deliver the industry’s leading growth platform.

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  • Basic Memberships come packed with discoverability, visibility, and marketing benefits at no cost
  • Premier Memberships provide affordable search engine optimization benefits for professional creators & brands. Starting at $9.99 a month
  • Award-Winning Internet Marketing, Public Relations, Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization services formulated for the industry market
  • Industry Leading platform providing tools and resources for growth, success, and profitability, building Search Engines and Discovery sections for industries & niches
  • Media brand with close to 50 outlets under our umbrella
  • Social Media platform connecting brands and creators organically throughout the industries
  • Global platform ranked in over 32 countries from around the world 
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Building the future

join us on our journey to build  an innovative content creation and live-streaming platform built for scale, growth, monetization, success and mainstream market viability (beta testing on Gamactica)

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