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Mutant Football League Making Return

Looking for a blast from the past? Get ready, because Mutant League Football is making a return to consoles in 2018.

The 1993 Sega Genesis classic Mutant League Football has always had a special place in long-time gamers’ hearts and will launch January 19th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

PCs brought back the 90’s classic back in October, but consoles are ready to bring it back this month.

Sometime in February or March, Chicago-based indie studio Digital Dreams, who created the game, will publish a free update to Mutant Football League adding a multi-season dynasty mode to the game.

“From the community’s reaction, they’re ecstatic with it so far,” Michael Mendheim said. While the PC launch scored an overall positive but middling response from critics, fan reviews on Steam are very positive.

“I feel really good about our game,” Mendheim said, “and I feel like we fulfilled our promises. We fulfilled every Kickstarter promise — well, with the exception that we have to add demons and werewolves; We’re building our models now and should have them in game soon.” Those will also be a free update.

“After the Kickstarter disaster (in 2013) we listened to the community,” Mendheim said. “They said we want a console game, and want it to be next-gen console game, and they said ‘Go build that, because we don’t want it to be a crappy mobile game.’ The most venomous critics yelled at me and almost castrated me.”

Looking for more nostalgia? Mutant League Football is bringing Tim Kitzrow in as play-by-play commentator.

You’ll remember Kitzrow as the voice of the “Boom-sha-kalaka” voice of NBA Jam.

“I think his voice and his humor have added so much to the product,” Mendheim said. “I think Tim was the olive in the martini. I was debating back and forth, ‘Can I do this, can it work?’ but it worked beautifully and I’m super happy about it.”

In case you’re wondering what the new mode will entail, Mendheim spoke at length about it.

“Dynasty mode wasn’t something we would have tackled before our ship [date],” Mendheim said. “Four weeks before that, the feedback was pretty resounding that people wanted more depth. We have really good engineers [Digital Dreams’ coding partners are in Ukraine] but only seven core people built this game. We’re hoping we can get it out in February, or March, and everyone will get it as a free upgrade. People will have a more robust Mutant Football League experience.”

“Our goal for Mutant Football League was to put out the best game we could with a reasonable amount of features that would allow us to ship the product,” Mendheim said. “We kept the scope in check, to avoid the pitfall of so many indie developers, to add a feature here and there, and they don’t end up shipping.

“But am I sick of the project? Hell no, I love this game,” Mendheim said. “I’m in love with sports played by mutants. I hope to make more of these games, and improve on the game we have.”

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