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Destiny 2 Crimson Days Rewards

Destiny 2 has re-launched their Crimson Days event and it is now live across all platforms.

While the event, which was brought back from it’s one-time run in the first Destiny, will feature a special 2v2 Crucible playlist, players are interested in the new gear that they can earn.

Destiny’s Valentine’s Day-themed event includes new Ghosts, Sparrows, shaders, emotes, weapon ornaments, and much more, via new Crimson Engrams which are acquired in the 2v2 crucible matches.

Although we’ve heard this all before from Bungie, the Crimson Engram is guaranteed to decrypt into an item you don’t already own until you’ve unlocked everything, so, take that for what it’s worth.

Here is a breakdown on how to acquire the new items, courtesy of GameSpot:

  • Tirastrella Ghost Shell + Fire of the Crimson Days Emblem: Complete the “Welcome to Crimson Days” milestone (finish five Crimson Days matches, talk to Shaxx)
  • Undeterred Exotic Sparrow: Complete Crimson Days Crucible playlist matches for a “chance” to unlock this
  • Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament for Wardcliff Coil: Complete the Leviathan Raid or Eater of Worlds Raid Lair to find this in the final chest
  • Flaunting Dance Emote: Complete the Nightfall Strike during the event

Here is how Bungie described the objectives:

  • Complete the milestone “Welcome to Crimson Days” by finishing five Crimson Days matches and visiting Lord Shaxx in the Tower to earn the Fire of the Crimson Days Emblem and the Tirastrella Ghost Shell.
  • Complete matches in the Crimson Days Crucible playlist for a chance to earn the Undeterred Exotic Sparrow.
  • Complete either the Leviathan Raid or the Raid Lair: Eater of Worlds to claim the Dieselpunk Exotic Ornament for Wardcliff Coil from the final chest.
  • Complete the Nightfall Strike during the Crimson Days event to earn the Flaunting Dance Emote.

Crimson Days runs until the weekly reset on February 20th, so, get going!

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