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Pokemon Go: Bring on Generation Four, Level Cap Increase

Alola trainers, it appears Pokemon Go is in line for another large update at some time in the future.

Several websites are reporting about a chance encounter between Twitter user PokemonDoctorYT and Niantic CEO John Hanke on a flight. Several bits of their conversation regarding updates for Pokemon Go was posted, including Generation Four Pokemon and new items coming to the game, as well as increasing the level cap past 40 and player versus player battles.

The conversation also yielded plans to make maps more user friendly and an easier process for folks to submit locations for new Pokestops.

First and foremost, most of these updates should be taken with a grain of salt.

Neither Niantic, nor the Pokemon Company have confirmed the bits coming from PokemonDoctorYT’s conversation with Hanke – though it’s no surprise given how secret the Niantic is regarding updates to the game.

PVP battles are something Niantic had announced would be added to the game. It would also make sense to add Generation Four Pokemon – which are native to the Sinnoh region and introduced in “Pokemon Diamond” and “Pokemon Pearl” games. This would also likely result in new raids with the Sinnoh Creation Trio Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, as well as other legendary Pokemon like Heatran and Regigigas.

Pokemon Go added Generation Three Pokemon in October for the Halloween event, then in December and in January.

Some players have criticized Pokemon Go for adding new Pokemon too quickly, though trainers like myself welcome the addition of new Pokemon. Heck, I cannot wait until the game drops Generation Six and I can finally have the Goodra, Greninja and Noivern There are several players from the video games who love the Generation 4-6 games and want their favorite Pokemon added to their roster. Hopefully adding Pokemon would result in Niantic increasing the number of Pokemon trainers can keep in their bag, which is already at 300.

Raising the level cap would be way to bring back players who ascended to Level 40 and haven’t really played the game since then. Players who are under level 40 may not be so keen on raising the level cap because they still have a ways to go before they reach the last level.

PVP battles will be fun once Pokemon Go adds the feature to the game. One of the appeals of Pokemon, going back all the way to when the first games dropped in 1996, is battling other trainers. Players can face other trainer’s Pokemon in gym battles, but it would be fun for folks to take on their friends face-to-face.

Even if these updates are true, it is going to be awhile before they are added to the game, but once they are Pokemon Go could once again be the talk of the gaming world.

Speaking of additions to Pokemon Go, trainers can expect the next update for Field Research quests to drop on May 1. These will focus on electric and flying type Pokemon and the legendary flying Pokemon Zapdos appears to be the end reward for those quests. Trainers can currently capture the fire bird Moltres when they complete the Field Research tasks.

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