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Potential Fallout 76 Leak Reveals Details About Story

Since Bethesda revealed ‘Fallout 76’ many games have been scrambling to find as much information as possible about the highly anticipated title.

In a post from LuckyBastardGaming, a number of details, that are being described as a “leak, about the game’s storyling have been shared.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor.

  • The game is still an RPG
  • Voiced protagonist is optional.
  • More dialogue options.
  • Proper skills are back.
  • There is a major emphasis on “rebuilding” aka settlement building, which a couple of players can partake in doing, or you can go solo and do it, or you can just flat out ignore it.
  • Main quest line and yea Bethesda actually listened to Fallout 4’s feedback. They are aiming for a plethora of side quests that aren’t just radiant.
  • Since it’s only a few decades after the Great War many people and remnant factions are still around. Many military veterans, police officers, doctors etc.
  • Main (personal story) is vault tec focused and an example of a major player in the story is an Irish ghoul who also acts as one of the games 5 companions, this guy is a great character who designed many of the vaults and who was married to Stanislaus Braun’s daughter, but whose work was stolen by Braun and twisted into the vault-tec experiments of which the ghoul feels immense guilt for. He calls Vault 76 the only true example of what his work was intended for.A major antagonist, or ally (depending on choice), is a former US Army Captain who likens himself to Hannibal of Carthage and has giant radiated elephants in his army who he “saved” from a local zoo. His men have no tacky Carthage outfits like Caesar Legion wore romanesque skirts and football padding though.
  • More Lovecraftian God worshiping inbred rednecks similar to point lookout.
  • No Supermutants.
  • But, Harold is in the region and game somehow.
  • Yeah, Bethesda is switching the lore up a good bit, precursors to the BOS are somehow in Virginia, even though they originated in California…can’t say I was happy to find that out. It’s pretty lazy.
  • The main quest is written by Chris Avellone so it should be good. Secondary main quest aka the Faction Wars are written by Emil Pagliarulo as are many of the side quests…
  • Oh, and yeah, Skills are back in full force!
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