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PUBG Update #17.1 Live

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has released a new patch to address some issues that have been plaguing Sanhok gameplay recently, and to incorporate planned server optimizations for the map.

Here is the breakdown of the new patch:

PUBG Update #17.1

  • It was discovered that planned server optimizations for Sanhok hadn’t been properly applied, and this was resolved with a hotfix pushed out on July 9th.
  • There was also an issue preventing ping-based matchmaking in NA, which we resolved by shipping a hotfix over the weekend. The problem was exacerbated in part by a bug that set the default region to NA for all players (which caused many players to queue up for NA without realizing it).

Patch Changes


  • Improved off-road driving performance of the pickup truck.
  • The iron sight default zeroing for all SMGs is now 100m.
  • The crossbow’s zeroing will always be 25m even with a scope attached.


  • The revive bug has been fixed.
    • When reviving a team match, in some instances the revive would not complete, even when the time remaining reached 0. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with the wrong 4x scope (ACOG) reticle was used on the SLR. A cross type reticle is now used, instead of the chevron.
  • Fixed an issue preventing you from being able to aim right away after switching over from the driver’s seat.

PGI Theme

  • All 20 teams participating at PGI will have their logos displayed on the loading screen
  • Added PGI team graffiti to locations across Erangel
    • These will be applied to Miramar and Sanhok at a later date.
  • Removed the PGI regional qualifier graffiti


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