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Blizzard Developer Provides Tactics, Counters For Overwatch’s Wrecking Ball

Blizzard’s lead designer Geoff Goodman is breaking down how to use the newest character, Wrecking Ball, offering both tactics and counters to help players along the way when using the newest hero.

Best Tactics:

“Occasionally, you have enemy compositions that are comprised of something like Orisa, some snipers, maybe Bastion, and they’re really tightly packed together behind Orisa or Reinhardt’s shield,” Geoff Goodman explains. “In those cases, Wrecking Ball should be really good.”


“Anything that disrupts movement at all, even just briefly, can really mess him up,” Goodman says. “He doesn’t blink away or teleport away – even though he’s fast, he has to build up that speed. When he goes in and smashes into everyone or does a Piledriver, he has to start from zero again. That extra bit of time to get away or re-position can really be abused.

“Even if you hit him with a McCree flashbang, he has to restart that momentum. He’s a giant, round character. Those characters in our game, as Zenyatta players will tell you, they tend to get hit with every bullet. So any time you’re not able to move around it gets really bad for him.”

Team Composition, Dive:

“Three tanks who can dive in and jump on the enemy team, Winston, D.Va, Wrecking Ball might be a thing,” Goodman says. “We may have some new, weird dive thing happening with him but we’ll have to see. We love dive – it’s super fun to watch, super fun to play, I think it has some interesting counters. One thing that’s cool with Wrecking Ball is that maybe we can broaden the concept of dive even more.”

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