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Riots Punishes 16 League of Legends Pro Players, Levies Fines

Riot Games has disciplined four players, announcing that they have issued fines ranging from $1000-$2000 for what they are categorizing as “negative behaviour,” griefing, and “toxic language, adding that 12 League of Legends players have received formal warnings for “various levels of negative behavior in KR solo queue”.

The four players who received fines for repeated negative behaviour, “toxic language,” and griefing teammates.

Per an official announcement, Riot Games has issues a formal warning to the following players for violating “rule 9.2.7 of the WCE ruleset,” with an “enhanced penalty” to follow if they display “future negative behaviour, either domestically or at international events”

  • Daniele “Jiizuke” Di Mauro (VIT)
  • Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho (VIT)
  • Minkook “Dreams” Han (VIT)
  • Luka “Perkz” Perkovic (G2)
  • Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss (G2)
  • Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen (C9)
  • Stanislav “Lodik” Kornelyuk (GMB)
  • Zhen-Ning “Ning” Gao (IG)
  • Uijin “Rookie” Song (IG)
  • Li “4LivcloveR” Zhe (EDG)
  • Jaeha “Mowgly” Lee (AFR)
  • Hyesung “Comet” Lim (AFR)

These players were issued fines:


  • Diamondprox is fined $1,000 USD
  • TheShy is fined $1,000 USD
  • iloveoov is fined $1,500 USD
  • Uzi is fined $2,000 USD


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