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Stream Directory Providing Easy Way to Find Streamers, Gamers, Esports & More

Back in October 2018, Gamactica launched the BETA version of their website, a social media and marketing platform exclusively geared towards streamers and gamers.

Fast forward to June 2019, and the past 10 months have been very productive, and a big part of Gamactica’s success has been the innovative online tool, the Stream Directory.

The directory (with close to 350 channels) is simple in concept, it provides an easy way for people to find Twitch streams, and Mixer streams, all under one roof. But there is a section for newer platforms as well, such as DLive streams and even Caffeine streams.

There is also a section for YouTube streams as well, and sections for a number of streaming categories, to improve the depth of search capabilities.

For example, if you’re looking for ASMR streams,there is a specific section for that, as well as a section for IRL streams, a popular section on Twitch. It branches out to variety streaming, and more.

But it’s not just to exclusive to streaming. You can also find esports teams and even cosplayers as well.

Each listing within the directory allows you to rate a streamer based on a number of options such as chat interaction, gameplay skill and more. Essentially, a Yelp-like feature to grade streamers.

While the Stream Directory provides an intuitive search tool, Gamactica has expanded their sorting of content into other sections of their website.

Gamactica Women puts the spotlight on Female streamers who demonstrate positive and supportive behavior, and these women streamers are marketed to shine the spotlight on them even more.

Gaming Executives provides a way for you to find streams from around the globe, and in different languages, across both Twitch and Mixer.

There are sections for Twitch fitness for fitness streams, Twitch sports streams (such as the NBA, MLS, NHL, etc), dev streams (for dev studios), podcast streams and talk show streams, Twitch music streams, and more.

There is also a place to see a number of Twitch channels and Mixer channels that are currently live, all on one page, which allows you to move from channel to channel, assuming you are logged in, watch and show support to a number of channels fast and easy.

This includes best Twitch channels and the best Mixer channels on the Gamactica website, really stepping up the browsing game.

Gamactica is still in BETA, but the 1 year mark is approaching this October, and a number of new features are being worked on to make Year 2 even better than Year 1.



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