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Fortnite Season X v10.00 Update Arrives


Fortnite has dropped a brand new update, update v10.00, and with it comes B.R.U.T.E mech, Battle Pass Missions, and weapon-free zones, among others.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Weapons and items

  • B.R.U.T.E.
  • This vehicle can be operated by up to two players. If two players are operating it, one (the driver) controls movement, while the other (the gunner) rains down missiles and shotgun shots.
  • The driver is able to:
  • Dash into combat.
  • Super Jump to victory.
  • Stomp enemies and structures into the ground.
  • Anything you would normally harvest will grant materials when destroyed.
  • The passenger has two weapons at their disposal: a shotgun and a missile launcher.
  • Shotgun
  • Clip Size: 10
  • Damage: 50
  • Headshot Multiplier: 1.5x
  • Missile Launcher
  • Fires up to 10 missiles at once.
  • Holding down Trigger will begin loading missiles.
  • After releasing Trigger, or after 10 missiles have been loaded, all missiles will automatically fire.
  • New Mechanic: Overshield
  • Consumes 200 of any Material type to create a personal overshield for 5 seconds to protect you in the mech.
  • Vaulted
  • Baller
  • Quad Crasher
  • Flint Knock Pistol
  • Shadow Bomb
  • Semi-Auto Sniper
  • Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Mounted Turret
  • Air Strike
  • Itemized Glider Redeploy (still available in large team modes)
  • Over time, we have added many mobility options, both itemized and map-based. We feel that Season X is better experienced with a reduction in mobility. As with all changes, we’ll keep a close eye on how this affects the player experience.
  • Fixed the Heavy Shotgun not piercing through water in modes where it is available.
  • All Campfires now heal vehicles.
  • The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle no longer has perfect hip-fire accuracy after aiming down sights.
  • Boogie Bombs and Grenades no longer pass through vehicles.


  • Missions
  • New Battle Pass feature!
  • Missions are a series of thematic objectives that grant rewards. As you complete these objectives, you’ll earn Battle Stars, XP, and exclusive cosmetic items.
  • More information about Missions can be found in the Battle Pass and Challenges tabs.
  • Fixed an issue involving players getting stuck under a ramp as it’s placed.


  • Arena Game Mode updates!
  • Season kicks off with Solos and Trios Arena.
  • Hype will be reset at the start of Season X, with a new scoring structure in place.
  • 10 Divisions – point values have been increased, but progression should be roughly the same. The bolded divisions are new.
  • Open I (0 – 499)
  • Open II (500 – 999)
  • Open III (1000 – 1499)
  • Open IV (1500 – 1999)
  • Contender I (2000 – 2999)
  • Contender II (3000 – 4499)
  • Contender III (4500 – 6499)
  • Champion I (6500 – 9999)
  • Champion II (10000 – 13999)
  • Champion III (14000+)
  • Scoring model updates – standardized points and bus fares across all playlists.
  • Solo
  • Eliminations: 20pt
  • Top 25: 60pt
  • Top 15: 30pt
  • Top 5: 30pt
  • Victory Royale: 60pt
  • Trios
  • Eliminations: 7pt (per team member)
  • Top 8: 60pt
  • Top 4: 30pt
  • Top 2: 30pt
  • Victory Royale: 60pt
  • Bus fare increases at Divisions 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  • Matchmaking in Arena is still based on players with similar Hype. Players in higher divisions may experience longer-than-normal wait times to ensure higher-quality matches.


  • Improved level streaming performance for all platforms by optimizing the way assets are preloaded. This reduces cases in which players land on buildings with a low level of detail, particularly on Switch and Xbox One.

Art and animation

  • The Ride the Pony Emote is now a traversal Emote.
  • Players who earned the Ride the Pony Emote from the Season 2 Battle Pass have been given a new, additional traversal Emote: Pony Up!


  • Added new bullet impact sounds.
  • Increased the volume of distant gunfire and Gliders.
  • Increased Chest volume and audio range by 10%.
  • Ambient sound no longer cuts out when players walk between biomes.


  • Pressing the Main Menu button on controllers now defaults focus to the Main Menu (right side of the screen).
  • The loading content message will no longer be stuck at 0% when players are matchmaking.
  • Fixed a Lobby camera issue when returning from a replay.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the selection of different players in the Lobby after switching from different game modes.
  • Selecting Leave Match no longer prevents a player in your party sitting out in the Lobby from entering matchmaking.


  • A new camera mode, Battle Map, has been added to server replays. This camera mode shows:
  • A path of where the followed player has been during the match.
  • The locations of the eliminations the followed player has done during the match.


  • Auto-fire system improvements:
  • We’ve re-tuned Auto-fire for every weapon with this update and would love specific and detailed weapon feedback so that we can continue to improve it.
  • If you want to try it out and don’t use Auto-fire already, go into your HUD settings and enable Auto-fire.
  • Added a new setting: Tap to Search/Interact for Controllers.
  • Added a message for devices on Android that have the Sensor Pressure settings (S8, S8+, S9, S9+, and Note 9) to inform players about the settings being active.
  • Players would unintentionally return to the Home screen due to this setting being active.
  • We’ve increased the size of buttons and icons in the following areas:
  • The Frontend Lobby tab buttons.
  • The Crown for Party leader display icon.
  • The Map Marker.
  • “First team to reach the elimination goal wins!” message won’t remain throughout the whole match in Team Rumble.
  • Exiting a vehicle won’t reload the player’s weapon.
  • The button for skipping cutscenes is now visible on Android.
  • Vertical black lines aren’t displayed on the Challenges page.
  • The Settings Menu will properly display when language is set to Spanish.
  • The text on the menu buttons in the Settings Menu is aligned.
  • Quick Heal button won’t appear when falling or after opening the map.
  • Scaling the Quick Heal button in the HUD Layout Tool won’t cause the icon to change to the item’s icon in the inventory.
  • Quick Heal button won’t disappear from the HUD Layout tool when another button is modified.
  • Players are able to open doors or Chests while using the ADS button.
  • Build mode button will correctly change to the Weapon mode button when pressing it on Android.
  • Added header on multiple widgets in the HUD Layout Tool.
  • Graphical improvement of CloudBreaker outfit.
  • Graphical improvement of the blue variant of the Sea Wolf outfit.
  • Freefall icon will be displayed when falling to the map.
  • ADS button won’t be displayed when driving a vehicle that you entered while holding a gun.
  • When updating the Banner Trooper outfit, players won’t disappear in the Locker, and the proper Banner will be displayed.
  • Edit button will be displayed when using passenger seat.
  • Screen won’t turn black when looking inside of a body of water.
  • Jump button won’t remain greyed out after players press it.
  • Audio improvements.
  • Fixed the occasional static sounds on Android.
  • Tapping with interactable items in Edit mode will no longer cause the camera to lock.
  • Player won’t be able to edit through structures.
  • Ex: Looking at your wall and being able to edit another structure (floor, ramp, roof).
  • Fixed an unopenable Chest near Polar Peak.

Fortnite Creative


  • Added the Grid Island – A flat island entirely covered with grid squares to help with building measurements. The white grid square marks the center of the island. This island is low to the ocean to give the most room for building possible.


  • Added options for Team Rotation to allow for rotating between teams at various rounds.
  • Added 3rd, 4th, 5th , 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 20th, 40th, 60th options
  • Every Round and Every Other Round are still available, too.
  • Added a “Team Visuals Determined At” game option for controlling what cosmetic details (Team Names, Team Colors, etc) are associated with teams in game modes where the teams rotate from round to round.
  • Round Start, Game Start (default: Round Start)
  • Fixed an issue where players could appear at the wrong location before a game started.
  • Fixed an issue where Spawn Immunity would not be cancelled when firing a weapon.
  • Fixed an issue with Spawn Immunity Time not actually showing the visual effects for the selected duration.
  • The Secondary Ability (Exit Vehicle) button will be visible when in the Baller.

Weapons and items

  • Fixed an issue where players could lose the ability to aim or crouch after using the Prop-O-Matic.
  • Fixed an issue with Prop-O-Matic where collisions would no longer work after possessing certain types of props.
  • Fixed an issue with Prop-O-Matic with camera positioning when possessing spotlight props.
  • Fixed an issue where certain mirror and painting props would have the wrong orientation when possessed by Prop-O-Matic.
  • Fixed an issue that caused mounted turrets to drift downward over time.

Prefabs and galleries

  • Added the Risky Reels Prefab.
  • Added the Risky Reels Gallery.
  • Added more props to the Cabin Prop Gallery.
  • Added the campground arch to the Cabin Gallery.
  • Added more RV variants and the Snow Cone Truck to Car Gallery A.
  • Added additional car colors to Car Gallery B and removed the cars from Car Gallery A.
  • Fixed grass from clipping through the Throne Pedestal in the Castle Prop Gallery.
  • Fixed the Kitchen Pans & Kitchen Knives props disappearing while in low detail mode.
  • Fixed the Volcano Vent in the Air Vent Gallery facing the wrong way.
  • Fixed some visual issues with the sidewalk floors from the Paradise Palms Prefabs & Galleries.


  • Added “When Exploded Transmit On” setting to Explosive Devices that triggers when the object is detonated.
  • Added Team Settings device channel trigger for when a team is eliminated.
  • Added a 20 Seconds option to the Player Capture Time setting for the Capture Area device.
  • Added new Reset Times Triggered When Receiving From setting to Trigger device, which upon receipt, resets the counter for the number of times the Trigger has been activated.


  • The Timer’s display now flashes when the timer completes.
  • Fixed an issue where Timers would not be synchronized between all players.
  • Fixed an issue where Timer would trigger 1 second too late.
  • Fixed an issue where timer would play a sound every time it spawned (rather than only on placement).
  • Fixed Timer Device being able to be destroyed. It’s now indestructible.
  • New Options
  • Team (Any, 1-16. Default: Any). Which team can start or stop the Timer.
  • Complete Once (Yes, No. default: No). Will lock the device after it’s completed once. Allows the Timer to be used as a ‘Fastest Time’ trigger. A locked timer requires to be Reset via a received message before it can be used again.
  • Complete on End (Yes, No. Default:Yes). Whether or not the timer counts as Completed when it hits 00:00. Set to No to be used as a race to trigger it before it ends.
  • Show Trigger (Yes / No. Default: Yes). Shows or Hides the trigger pad on the device. When No, you’ll need to remotely trigger the device rather than having players manually activate it by touching the pad.
  • Alarm Audio (None / Siren. Default: Siren). Enables or disables the siren setting.
  • Alarm Volume (Very Low, Low, Medium, Loud, Very Loud. Default: Very Loud).
  • Score Value (-20 – 20. Default: 0). Provides score to the person who triggered / completed the timer when it completes.
  • Lap Time Team (Activating Team, None, 1-16. Default: None). Defines which team to update the lap time for when this timer is completed. Lap time is a new option in the Island’s UI Settings that can be shown on the scoreboard and used as a win condition.
  • Lap Time Style (Count Up, Count Down. Default: Count Down). Counting up sends the total time elapsed to the scoreboard. Counting down sends the remaining time.
  • Added Receiver Support:
  • Start when Receiving From. Starts the timer.
  • Pause When Receiving From. Pauses the timer.
  • Reset When Receiving From. Resets the timer back to its initial state (auto-starting it if the auto-start setting is on).
  • Enable When Receiving From. Powers-up, allowing it to be used.
  • Disable When Receiving From. Powers-down, stopping it counting-down or receiving input.
  • Complete when Receiving From. Completes the Timer, stopping it, triggering the alarm and updating the lap time (if set).
  • Set Lap Time when Receiving From. Sends the lap time to the scoreboard (if set) without stopping the timer.
  • Added Transmitter Support:
  • When Complete Transmit On. Sends a signal on a specific channel when the timer completes.

Color Changing Block

  • New Options
  • Enable on Minigame Start option (Yes, No. Default: Yes). Whether it can be touched to change color at the start of the minigame, or needs to be enabled before doing so.
  • Adding Receiver support
  • Enable on Received From. Allows this to be changed in color when touched.
  • Disable on Received From: Disallows color changing on touch.
  • Reset on Received From: Resets to the default color.
  • Set on Received From: Sets the block to the team of the player that sent the signal, allowing for remote activation.

Weapon-Free Zone

  • Options:
  • Zone Visible In Game (Off/On)
  • Base Visible In Game (Off/On)
  • Zone Width (½, 1-20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100)
  • Zone Depth (½, 1-20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100)
  • Zone Height (½, 1-20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100)
  • Enabled On Game Start (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Receiver Support:
  • Enable When Receiving From – Allows the Zone to turn on when receiving a remote signal
  • Disable When Receiving From – Allows the Zone to be turned off when receiving a remote signal
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Creature Spawners from being damageable when invulnerability and environmental damage were set to off.
  • Fixed an issue with Explosive Device exploding during warm up phase if a player was nearby when the match was started.
  • Fixed issue where Barrier Volumes could block Spectator Drones.
  • Fixed issue where Barrier visuals would sometimes still be visible even when disabled.
  • Fixed Creature Spawners not spawning creatures in Playgrounds mode in some cases.
  • Fixed Shooting Gallery targets not detonating proximity grenades.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, Devices configured with receivers wouldn’t react to transmitters every other round.
  • Fixed an issue where the Music Sequencer would not always stop playback when expected.

UI and social

  • Fixed a typo in Damage Self Weapon Filter Team Setting option.
  • Fixed a typo in Allow Items to be Dropped setting in Game Settings tab.


  • “Session has expired.” will not be shown when rejoining another players server.
  • Interact prompt will be visible for the movement modulator when placed on the Block islands.
  • Piano keys will be highlighted when selected with the Phone tool.
  • Graphical improvement on Chest & Ammo Gallery.
  • Graphical improvement of the Consumable icons.
  • HUD will feature the inventory.
  • Player will be able to exit the My Island menu by tapping on the screen or via the Exit button.
  • Name and description on Portal and Rift won’t jitter when aiming at portal.
  • Baller’s winch button will be greyed out when the grappler isn’t deployed.

Fortnite: Save the world


  • The first part of the Locker has arrived in Save the World. You can now use your Emotes, Music Packs, and Loading Screens.
  • The Locker is currently shared between Save the World and Battle Royale, so if you change it in either location, it will change in both.
  • Only Emotes, Music Packs, and Loading Screens are available for Save the World at the moment. We plan to support more types of cosmetics in future updates. Read more about this here.
  • Emotes:
  • All types of Emotes now work in Save the World: Dances, Emoticons, Sprays, and Toys. Any emotes you own are available in all modes.
  • You can slot up to 6 Emotes in the Locker for quick access on the Emote Wheel. Additional Emotes can be accessed by paging the wheel up or down.
  • You can use Dances and Emoticons in the Lobby.
  • Everyone who currently has access to play Save the World will keep Ride the Pony, which is now a traversal Emote. You can now use it in Battle Royale and Creative too!
  • Players who purchase Save the World Founders packs will also receive Ride the Pony.
  • Everyone keeps Dance Moves as well, as players in all modes start with that Emote.

Missions and systems

  • Introducing: Hit the Road!
  • Grab three other players and help Quinn get to the Radio Station to spin her Song of the Summer in this road trip adventure.
  • Quinn travels in a hover-truck, complete with a mobile storm defence shield.
  • Along the route are four randomized objectives, each with challenging gameplay and a variety of upgrades.
  • Get to the radio station, and protect Quinn from a final enemy wave. Hopefully you’ve collected enough traps, ammo, and resources to secure the victory!
  • If the vehicle loses all of its health the road trip ends, but players earn rewards based on the number of objectives completed.
  • You start the trip without your gear or supplies, making scavenging and harvesting a top priority.
  • You keep your trap schematics, and start with a few “hand-me-down” weapons, but weapon crafting is disabled.
  • Weapons with appropriate perks are scattered throughout the route, increasing your chances of survival without your weapon schematics.
  • Chests in Hit the Road spawn tier-appropriate weapons, traps, and resources.
  • Unlike previous events, Hit the Road uses Power Levels instead of Storm Shield Defense progress to match players to the correct difficulty, bringing more balance to the group.
  • If you are knocked out you will have to wait until your team reaches or completes an objective before you will respawn. Be careful out there!
  • New event quests have also been added to give players a chance to earn even more Hit the Road tickets.
  • Search everything you can for cassette tapes, helping Lars craft the perfect summer mix tape, and earning some Hit the Road event tickets.
  • Legendary Troll Stash Event Llama is available
  • Cost: 1000 Hit the Road Tickets
  • Llamas now contain Cyberpunk Heroes and Vacuum Tube Weapon Schematics
  • Mutant Storm Mission Alerts grant Hit the Road Tickets and are more numerous.
  • Miniboss Mission Alerts no longer grant Event Tickets and are less numerous.
  • Safe Harbor quest: Reduced Evacuate the Shelter quest requirement from 2 to 1.
  • Updated the mission rewards for “Eliminate and Collect” and “Resupply”.
  • Eliminate and Collect now rewards Hero XP and/or Survivor XP.
  • Resupply now rewards Schematic XP and a random crafting ingredient.
  • Known issue: Sometimes the crafting ingredient fails to be rewarded if players do not finish enough bonus objectives.
  • Some Heroes and Schematics from the Birthday Llama for Year 2 used to be locked. They have been updated to allow Recycling and Transformation. Any items that were adjusted will continue to not take up inventory space.
  • Shadow Ops Heroes, Military Weapons, and Vacuum Tube Weapons have been moved to the Expansion Tab in the Collection Book. These items may now be researched/recruited.
  • Exploding Deathburst has been replaced with a new modifier: Exploding Death Bomb. When Husky Husks, Sploders, and Riot Huskies are eliminated they leave behind a destructive bomb with a short fuse.
  • With the changing of the season, event ticket rewards have been removed from Wargames Daily Quests and Wargames Mission Rewards.
  • Mission Rewards for Wargames are reduced while Daily Wargames Quest rewards are increased:
  • Stonewood Daily Wargames Quests now reward additional Gold
  • Plankerton Daily Wargames Quests reward Gold and a choice of Evolution Materials
  • Canny Valley Daily Wargames Quests reward Gold and RE-PERK!
  • Twine Peaks Daily Wargames Quests reward Gold and a choice of Epic PERK-UP! or Legendary PERK-UP!
  • The “Husk Swarm” Wargames Challenge has been removed.
  • Endurance Rewards are reduced for its early waves, normalizing to their current values as you approach the final wave.
  • Mission Alert Weekly Quests in high-level Twine Peaks now display the correct power requirements for completion.
  • In the Hexed Wargames simulation, the statues no longer leave shadows behind when they disappear.


  • Centered the Twine Peaks Storm Shield and Vinderman’s Mansion in-game maps.
  • UI and Minimap icons for melee weapons have been updated. Each melee weapon type now has its own unique icon.
  • Quickly opening Expedition rewards no longer causes the game to freeze.
  • Main quest tile is now centered properly when there is no quest map.
  • Adjusted Boom Bow alignment on the Weapon Wall in the Armory.
  • Updated grammar for descriptions of Air Strike and its upgrades.
  • Localization fix for Arabic for the points counter used throughout the front end.
  • Player names now scroll correctly in the team member UI.
  • Updated tooltips for Shock Tower and T.E.D.D.Y. to show base damage for the abilities.
  • Fixed some party notifications interfering with menu navigation when using a controller.
  • Resolved an issue with health/shields not updating after levelling/evolving a Hero from the Hero Loadout screen.
  • Fixed controller navigation sometimes not working in the Main Menu while in the front end.
  • Pick-up icons on the minimap will no longer flip 180 if the player is near and above them.


  • Cloaked Star returns to the Event Store! Cloaked in mystery, this Mythic Ninja uses throwing stars to quickly take down the Husks.
  • Team Perk: Round Trip
  • Throwing Stars return to you, dealing their damage again on the way back.
  • Requires 2 Ninjas of Legendary or higher rarity.
  • Abilities
  • Throwing Stars
  • Crescent Kick
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Standard Perk: Fan of Stars
  • Throw all Throwing Stars together in an arc. Adds 1 additional star.
  • Commander Perk: Fan of Stars+
  • Throw all Throwing Stars together in an arc. Adds 3 additional stars.
  • Shock Tower and T.E.D.D.Y. no longer float in the air after their supporting structure is destroyed.
  • R.O.S.I.E. can no longer be placed overlapping a fragment or storm chest.
  • Hang Time and Leap Attacks no longer incorrectly negate knockback effects.
  • Fixed issue with Goin’ Constructor shield not always blocking area damage.
  • Destroying BASE with Supercharged Traps now correctly removes the BASE bonus to those traps.
  • Resolved an issue with Azalea Clark’s exploding Shock Tower not damaging Husks at high tiers.

Weapons and items

  • Added Vacuum Tube weapons as possible in-world drops.
  • The Tar Pit trap schematics now take up inventory space and can be recycled.
  • Weapon trails for the Corsair now display properly.
  • Cleaned up weapon trail timings for basic sword combo attacks.
  • The Atomic Light Expander’s heavy attack now correctly grants melee elimination credit.
  • Upgraded Typewriter weapon should now display on the weapon rack in the armory.
  • Fixed the Astro Bat 9000 playing an endless ringing sound if the projectile exploded during creation (e.g. spawned inside a wall).


  • Fixed issue with banner gadget permanently coloring structures blue.
  • Prevent teleporter from being placed inside small objects.
  • Prevent player from becoming trapped inside Supply Drop.
  • The current weapon is now reselected properly after using an ability while jumping off the map.

Art and animation

  • Lighting when going to the armory or command tab from the Locker or Store tab with shadows disabled now display correctly
  • Fixed lighting when switching between locker and armory with shadows disabled.
  • Resolved a bug where movement didn’t interrupt Emotes.



  • All players’ matchmaking regions have been reset to Auto. You can change your preference in the Options menu.
  • Moved the FPS indicator to the lower left-hand corner while in the Lobby.
  • Hover tooltips will no longer prevent mouse clicks in the Settings menu.


  • We discovered that the default Push to Talk (PTT) setting for new console players was “On,” which was unintentional. The default is now “Off,” and we are performing a soft reset of the Push to Talk setting for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch players. This is a one-time reset, and further changes to the setting will persist as normal.
  • Players who have manually changed their PTT settings in the past have had their PTT reset to “Off,” but they are able to change it back to “On.”
  • The Recent Players list has been re-enabled on all platforms. Players in your Battle Royale Squad or Save the World Team will be automatically added to this list as you play.
  • This list automatically clears when you close the game.
  • Fixed an issue in which a friend invite wasn’t properly being cleared.


  • A new mesh streaming solution has been enabled on Xbox One, Switch, and PC. This brings improved memory usage and streaming performance.
  • This will be rolled out to other platforms in upcoming releases.
  • Optimized UI performance to improve in-match framerate.
  • With Season X, the PC version of Fortnite requires a DirectX 11-capable graphics card to run the game, as mentioned in our blog post.
  • Implemented ray-traced distance field shadows on Switch.
  • This improves rendering performance and also provides increased shadow range.
  • Enabled multi-threaded particle simulation on Switch.
  • This improves the framerate, especially during skydiving.
  • Optimized GPU occlusion queries on Xbox One.
  • This provides a boost to dynamic resolution and performance.


  • iPhone 8 scalability settings have been updated to be more in line with similar devices. Overall performance and stability have been improved.
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