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Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Moonshiner Update Releases

Red Dead Redemption

The Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Moonshiner has now arrived and it notably comes with some timed-exclusives for Playstation users, as well as Photo Mode.

Red Dead Online PS4 timed-exclusives

Free Moonshiner Band Expansion

Bar owners can start a band to help foster a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere while serving up your own shine with the Band Expansion, free to all PS4 players until January 21.

New Hideout: Beaver Hollow

Deep in the woods of Roanoke Ridge is the Murfee Brood, a backwoods problem of sorts that can be found in Beaver Hollow. PS4 players have early access to this all-new Hideout, and can clear out and rob the camp for rewards.

New Apparel and Emotes

Wheeler, Rawson and Co. has special offerings coming to their catalog specifically for PS4 players which include four new clothing items and five new emotes.


Salizzo Double Bandolier: Many an outlaw prefers the double bandolier – because two bandoliers are twice as stylish. Naturally.

  • Starrett Hat: A fashionable hat with contrasting oval crown and upturned brim. Each hat is finished by hand with a woven leather buckled band.
  • Rulfo Boots: One of Wheeler, Rawson and Co.’s most attractive designs, featuring elaborate studding on the pull straps, shaft, and vamp. Cut only from high-quality leather.
  • Gordillo Half-Chaps: Buckled half-chaps with studded panels and lavish fringes. Guaranteed to add grandeur to any outfit.


  • Hat Flick: Greet passersby with a casual flick of the hat
  • Howl: Vocalize and advertise your acquisition of new territory, search for companionship, or utter loneliness in a primal, prolonged fashion.
  • Jovial Laugh: A jovial, good-natured guffaw, grinning from ear to ear.
  • Subtle Wave: Politely acknowledge friend or foe with this subtle and relaxed wave of the hand.
  • You vs Me: An immediate and indignant offer to settle a situation immediately on-site through pistol fire or fisticuffs.

Alongside this new early access content, Photo Mode has been added on PS4, which lets you capture images from the frontier with the free form camera along with Filters, Stickers or Text.

In addition to Photo Mode, players on PS4 will also get:

  • Story Mode Bounty Hunter Missions: track down wanted criminals Herman Zizendorf, Camille de Millemont and Bart Cavanaugh
  • Story Mode Gang Hideouts: Take on the deadly Del Lobos gang at Gaptooth Breach and Solomon’s Folly
  • Story Mode Treasure Maps: Landmarks of Riches and The Elemental Trail
  • “To The Ends of The Earth” Story Mode Mission
  • Weapons added to Story Mode: M1899 Pistol, Evans Repeater, High Roller Revolver and LeMat Revolver
  • Horses Added to Story Mode: Warped Brindle Arabian, Few Spot Appaloosa, Perlino Andalusian and Red Chestnut Arabian
  • Hidden Trinkets Added to Story Mode: Hawk Talon, Cat Eye, Shark Tooth, Turtle Shell and Crow Beak

On December 19, variations on Red Dead Online Showdown Modes are coming to all platforms with a few select variants only available to PS4 players.


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