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Voidtrain Officially Announced, New Trailer Released

Development studio Nearga has officially announced it’s new first-person action-survival game ‘Voidtrain’, via publisher HypeTrain Digital, and unveiled a brand new trailer during IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, via

Players will play as a crew member of an interdimensional train that rides through a world of “amazing creatures, dangers, and surprises.” According to their Steam page, here are some additional features:

  • Floating Islands – A lot more dangerous than they look and infested with unique fauna. Use your weapon arsenal to drive them away. Explore the islands for resources and loot.
  • Puzzle Islands – Solving the puzzles earns players special rewards.
  • Build the Locomotive – Players will face many obstacles on the way, including floating minefields, large flying predators, and more.
    Upgrade the train’s defense capabilities to overcome the challenges.
  • Interdimensional Train Depots – The depots are the interim stops between worlds (biomes), taken over by Nazis. Players will have to defeat the Nazis and free their hostages. Doing so awards generous rewards. Each depot allows players to enhance their train.
  • Void Cards – During the depot stops players can use special items to make their next journey a lot more difficult. With higher risks comes higher rewards.
  • Increasing Difficulty – The better equipment and train progression you have, the harder the challenge becomes, scaling with your abilities.
  • The Interdimensional Express – Start with a tiny trolley. What comes out of it further depends on you. Build, expand, customize, choose the type of engine between different eras – and play the game your way.
  • Discover the void world – Together with your mechanic, learn to survive in a new environment. A unique world with its own rules – where gravity sometimes does not apply. Gather resources, explore the stations and islands scattered along the way, and hunt the creatures that inhabit them.
  • Unique adventure – The generation of the environment, events, and objects around the player, as well as the choice of the player himself, will make every adventure you have in Voidtrain truly stand out. Each time there’s a new path to go on, new lands to discover, and a new train to build.

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