Created October 2018, Our mission is to provide the ultimate social media community website & marketing platform for streamers on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, DLive, Caffeine, Cosplay Streamers, Esports Teams, Stream Teams and Gamers. We are building an innovative & powerful community bringing streamers, gamers, cosplayers, studios, brands, and merchants together, all in one social community.

Our members share their content, update the community when they go live, connect with other streamers, build and manage teams, and keep the Gamactica universe up-to-date on their channel. Basic Memberships are FREE, and we aim to have members who are dedicated to their craft, supportive of others, positive, and looking to be a member of a unique & powerful community.

Check out the video below & then scroll further down this page for information on benefits, how the platform works, and our community.

Gamactica operates like most social networking websites. Think of it kind of like a Facebook, or Twitter, for streamers, gamers, cosplayers, game development studios, merchants, and others within the industry. Add friends, join & manage Groups, Send Direct Messages, and Share Updates to our Activity Page which goes to all of your friends, and our community.

Gamactica also allows you to find, and watch, streams from Twitch and Mixer, finding new channels, and streamers to connect and network with. This helps organically increase visibility, viewership and more for streamers within our community.

We are also implementing Twitch marketing options for members.

Gamactica is backed, and powered by an Award Winning Internet Marketing & SEO company, which drives traffic and produces exposure, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Social Media platforms. Elite Rank Media is a leader in Miami SEO, award winning national & local internet marketing services, Medical SEO, and Plastic Surgery Marketing company, that has worked with a variety of industries since launching in 2009, and is behind our internet marketing and SEO efforts.

GamactiPoints: Earn Badges and GamactiPoints for staying engaged in our community, completing community/website activities, and showing support for other streamers within the Gamactica community.

Rack up GamactiPoints and cash them in for a number of perks, such as social media promotion for your channel/page, a Watch Party (Coming Soon) for your channel, and more! Read More About GamactiPoints

NOTE: We are in BETA mode, and rolling out new features and fixes as often as we can. Stay tuned to our Blog to stay up to date on our progress.

Gamactica is, at it’s core, a social network community, but it is also so much more, providing unique and powerful benefits for members.

  • Connect with other streamers and gamers from around the world
  • Share your streams, your updates, for our community to see.
  • Join & Manage Groups (gaming teams, stream teams, gamers, etc.)
  • Make real connections, building your community, increasing you engagement, driving more interest for your channel, and streams.
  • Our targeted, focused traffic, helps deliver more exposure to you and your channel.
  • We have features in place to help promote select members on Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Explore the many areas of Gamactica, such as our Stream Directory, our News section, Esports, Devs, Cosplayers, Fitness streams, and our marketplace!
  • Gain visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as others from around the world
  • We are partnered with twitch news and streaming news platform Sudairy, sports new outlet Sports Rants, and gaming news outlet Player Ready Up, to market the Gamactica platforms and feature select streamers. Each outlet is syndicated in Google News, and other outlets, and has national and global reach.
  • Earn GamactiPoints to use for social media promotions and more. Read More

Toxicity: We want a community of streamers who are supportive and have a positive approach to being a member of Gamactica. Members who show/engage in toxicity, or engage in behavior that goes against the mission or terms of our community, will be removed from our community permanently.

While our website is in BETA, we are building a foundation to offer something positive and powerful for the gaming and streaming industry, by having members that echo our mission we can together build a bright future for all members involved, all working towards goals collectively.

Gamactica is a great place to build, manage, and grow your group, and is perfect for Stream Teams and Esports Teams!

Here are some of the benefits, but you can read SO much more here Esports Directory  (for Esports) and Stream Teams can read RIGHT HERE.

  • Esports Teams get their own Team Listing in our Esports Directory.
  • Each member of the team can also be listed in our Stream Directory provided that they stream.
  • Branded Group for your gaming team, stream team, promo group, Esports team, or gaming group. (Read About Groups here).Each Group Comes with an Activity Page where all your, and your member’s updates can be seen, all in one place. Perfect for organizing an event, promoting members, promoting sponsors, and making announcements.Email members, all at once, to keep them in the loop on updates and news.
  • Gamactica works with select groups to build a custom, branded, LIVE Page, where it broadcasts each and every member of your team’s members’ channel, LIVE, when they go LIVE. (See a sample here). We can accommodate Twitch and Mixer channels for this feature.This can help people follow every broadcast of your team, and your team benefits from our traffic, SEO, marketing, and exposure.
  • Teams that are Partnered with Gamactica can submit press releases, announcements, to be featured in our News section. Gamactica News is affiliated with Google news and considered a reputable resource. Have your news reach the masses! (Coming Soon)

Again, take a look at our Info Page for more about benefits.

If you feel your group and/or stream team would be a fit for Gamactica, Contact Us to discuss.

Our approach with the Stream Directory is to create the ultimate directory of Twitch streams, YouTube streams, Cosplay Streams, and Merchants (among other streaming related elements).

Members can tell people about their channel, share social media links, sponsor links, their stream schedule, and their channel is embedded on their page, and broadcasts 24/7. Viewers can leave reviews, provide positive feedback, and help tout their favorite streamers channel to drive attention and visibility to their listing page.

Our marketing helps drive targeted traffic to these pages, and is backed by top-tier internet marketing services to help drive exposure globally, nationally, and locally. For example: If someone is looking for ‘Variety Gaming Streams’ in Google, they find the variety gaming section of our directory, in the top spot. This drives organic traffic, and coupled with our LIVE Twitch channels page, Gamactica provides a truly unique, and organic marketing platform with a built-in social networking structure.

We have sections for ASMR, IRL, Cosplayers and more. And team related listings for Stream Teams and Esports Teams. Search for a channel by streamer name, geographic location, games they play, platforms, and streaming categories. Explore new streamers by reading reviews and feedback directly from their audience. Follow your favorite streamers on Gamactica to stay up to date with their updates and content creation.

Select streamers are also broadcasted on our LIVE page, which shows up to 100 channels from our members, when they are live.

We are working to make this not only a directory, but an intuitive search engine that can help people find channels to watch based on interest, and provide an organic marketing solution for streamers.

If you want your channel listed – Contact Us

Explore Gamactica's Features

An Exclusive Community for Streamers, Gamers, Brands, Cosplayers, & Creators

Gamactica is an industry-specific community of streamers, gamers, brands, content creators, cosplayers, merchants, and esports teams. Our community can connect you with others in the world of Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Cosplay. Basic Memberships are FREE. We require that members share their updates, support and engage with other Gamacticans, and help spread the word about Gamactica.

Find stream teams, connect with other gamers and streamers, show off your cosplay, or offer your services directly to your target audience. Gamactica tries to offer something for everyone, and empower our members to take their brand, their channel, to the next level.

We are building something both innovative and beneficial for the industry and we continue to roll out new features as we continue our BETA. Stay up to date by following our Blog.

The #1 Stream Directory & Amazing Benefits

Gamactica is backed by an award-winning internet marketing company, so we bring to the table exposure on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in addition to our Social Media Marketing and traditional marketing practices. This helps bring in more viewers to our channels, and helps our community grow. This also delivers organic and targeted exposure to our members, and listings in our Stream Directory.

Our Stream Directory is a prime example of the powerful subsections of Gamactica, and is both unique and a powerful marketing tool for streamers and brands.

You can also watch hundreds of Twitch channels LIVE, and while embedded view policies will change, our platform allows you to be logged into Twitch and watch LIVE channels so the views can count. A great way to support multiple streamers, find new channels, and engage with quality Gamacticans all in one place.

Listing in our Stream Directory also provides you increased exposure & visibility online, particularly in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as globally.

Community. Groups. Positivity

Gamactica operates like most social network communities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, only we expanded on a number of features to make it exclusive to the esports, gaming, and streaming industry.

We offer popular social features such as Groups, Member Profiles, and a Timeline/Activity Page for you to share your updates, and stay up to date with other members.

As a member we expect you to demonstrate the same positivity and support that we expect from all Gamacticans. Although we are in BETA, we have a lot in the works for when we 100% launch, but building a solid community base is the priority. If you want to truly be a part of something special, Gamactica welcomes you.

We Reward Gamacticans by giving you GamactiPoints for being a solid, positive, and supportive member of our community. Use GamactiPoints to purchase perks within our community, including a Feature and/or Social Media Promotion. Read More

Esports Teams & Esports Resources

We are the perfect compliment to your  your Esports Team, and/or your brand as we provide a platform for you to bring it all to the next level.

Get your team listed in our Esports Directory to improve visibility, marketing, and branding.

Our community can help you simplify recruitment, our Stream Directory can help you reach a wider audience and market your brand, and the Gamactica platform has a number of features that can really diversity your mission and help you achieve your goals.

If you are leveraging social media to build your brand and not doing so on Gamactica, you are missing out.

Check out our Esports Directory and our Community

Game Developer Streams

Developers. Studios. Industry Brands

Gamactica’s Game Developer Directory is an expansive compliment to both oru community, and our other directories. This is an extension of our community, exclusively geared to create the ultimate hub for game developers, studios, and game brands.

As a compliment to our Steam Directory, our Game Developers Directory will allow streamers and studios to connect, verify, and partner with one another, all within our community.

Studios can use our Stream Directory to check out streamers, their social impact, rating and direct contact methods. Streamers can connect with studios to help put their channel, on their radar, all under one roof.

Check out our Game Developer Directory and our community

Cosplayers & More

Streamers, gamers and cosplayers are often times connected, and our Cosplay Directory is the perfect extension of Gamactica.com that brings visibility to the cosplay industry.

Show off your cosplay. Improve branding for your cosplay costumes, cosplay makeup, cosplay body paint, and cosplay brand, all within the Gamactica community.

Our Cosplay Directory is the perfect way to showcase your brand, gain the benefit of our internet marketing, and connect with others within the industry.

Check out the Cosplayer Directory and our community

Around the World & In Foreign Languages

Gamactica Global is the perfect compliment to our Stream Directory and gives members and visitors access to channels from different countries from around the world, and broadcasting in foreign languages.

Find channels from streamers located in Germany or the United Kingdom, or easily tune into a Spanish language channel, all in one place, all organized, and all connected to our community, and our directories.

Check out Gamactica Global and our community

Music Streamers

Gamactica unveiled the Music Directory in June 2020 and aims to focus on the music streamers who dedicate their Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Caffeine, or Facebook channels to creating music content.

Our Gamactica Music Directory is a great way to further your marketing reach, improve branding, and increase both your visibility and exposure. We provide you a solid community to network, and build your following.

From bands to singers, DJs to rappers, and across all genres of music, the Gamactica Music Directory will bring a spotlight to the music streamers in our community.

Check out our Music Directory and discover the Gamactica universe.

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