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Gamactica Cares is our dedicated section of the community that aims to provide streamers, content creators, and brands connections to charities and fund raising initiatives to raise money for via your channel, or for a specific charitable event or cause.

This section will continue to seek out causes, organizations, charities, and animal shelters and list all relative information here.

With this information, streamers can easily find contact information, and other relative information so that they can use their channel, or specific stream(s), to raise money. Gamactica wants to help make these connections so that we all can give back, collectively, as a community.

The Gamactica Charity Directory is an extension of the Gamactica platform, and each listing page comes packed with exclusive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing benefits to help our listed Charities and Organizations gain more visibility.

Each Charity/Organization will also receive a Group on the Gamactica platform to further their connection with the members of the platform. You can read about Groups/Communities here.



  • Must be an official, accredited Charity/Organization
  • Must have a Social Media presence and/or website
  • Only Admins/Owners of a Charity/Organization can apply
  • Must have downloaded and installed the Gamactica app
  • Must have setup a profile for the Charity/Organization
  • Follow Gamactica on Twitter, Instagram
  • Follow Gamactica on Twitch & YouTube
  • Must utilize the Group on Gamactica (once received)

If you meet all requirements, please complete our official application form here.

Our Story: Gamactica was founded by Anthony DiMoro, who has raised 6 rescue dogs (some pictured above), including a special needs dog (Kira), throughout his life. It is a staple of the DiMoro family to help animals in need. This motivated Anthony to create a section on Gamactica to help others give back, and help make the world a better place, through charitable contributions, streams, events, and by raising awareness.

Please be patient as we build this section, and feel free to make any suggestions.

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