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we are bulding the future of social media & content creation and merging search, marketing, and media

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Building an Innovative social media and content creation platform to reimagine everything

  • Anthony DiMoro, CEO

Infusing Search, Marketing and SEO

Merging intuitively to build a platform that impacts and benefits creators, businesses, influencers, companies, celebrities, and brands


Re-Imagining the Creator Economy

A platform that diversifies revenue streams and provides tool to manage and grow your business

Diverse & Multi-functional platform

Fueled by Award-Winning SEO

Optimizing Revenue

A NEW Live-Streaming Platform

Introducing ... Disko

“We are building the next big Innovation in live-streaming & content creation”

Anthony DiMoro - Gamactica / Disko

Content Creation built for scale, profitability, and the future




Why our Social Media Matters


timelines that provide value

Members can build their own algorithms and connections based on their interests to deliver the posts & content they want.


to engage & entertain

Seamlessly merging social and content to optimize the user experience and enrich the connection between fans, entertainers, brands, and creators


to find, connect, & network

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Questions & Answers

01. What is Gamactica?

Gamactica is a social media, content creation, and marketing platform. To join the platform you must be 17+ years of age. While joining is free, we do offer Premier memberships for those who want additional perks and features.

02. Where Can I Find Your Marketing Services?

If you’re interested in internet marketing, digital marketing,  and/or search engine optimization (SEO) services, please visit our marketing department here.

03. What is Disko and When Will it Launch?

Disko is an innovative live-streaming content creation platform that is an extension of the Gamactica brand and platform. It will be fully integrated so you can easily move between Disko and Gamactica.

Disko (beta) is currently in development and once we launch we will unveil the additional details and outline of our vision. 

In the meantime, you can secure your username by simply creating a profile on Gamactica

In the meantime, you can learn more about Disko here.

04. How Can My Company Partner with Gamactica?

Feel free to reach out to our staff and pitch your idea for a potential partnership with Gamactica and/or Disko. If there is a potential fit, we will reach out accordingly to explore.

05. I'm Interest in Investing, Where Do I Go?

Gamactica is planning to raise their seed round soon. However, we are happy to connect with investors and see if there is a fit. Feel free to contact us, or any of our team members.

Interest in Our Company? Let’s Talk

Whether you’re interested in marketing services or investing, we are happy to set up a call to discuss

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