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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249
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allan stroud

Allan Stroud

Chief Communications Officer
1-877-745-7873 ext. 3
[email protected]

Allan has a unique skillset, with close to a decade of Management in the Aviation industry, where he worked as the Ground Security Coordinator for Southwest Airlines. Allan is a ex-professional football player, and has the experience in leadership, community, and team work that is essential to building a social platform and community.

Allan is the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) for Gamactica. He serves as a liaison for the community, helping members & content creators navigate our platform, website, and application while assisting them with memberships. Combined with his experience as a streamer and gamer, Allan’s unique skillset make him the perfect fit for for the Gamactica team.


Allan's work and experience in Aviation helped him develop the leadership skills needed to navigate our company path


As a former professional football player, Allan is experienced in team building, and working with others collectively


Allan's vast knowledge of the gaming, streaming, and esports industries are helping shape the future of Gamactica's platform.

"I'm passionate about the Gamactica platform and community and believe it is the next big innovation in the industry. I'm excited to implement a successful business and revenue model that will last."

Colby Costello

"Gaming and Streaming have experienced an incredible boom over that last few years, and Gamactica implements a very necessary platform. We aim to change the industry, and leverage our community to make a positive impact on the world.""

Allan Stroud

"Gamactica is introducing an innovative and unique concept to the industry, providing an obvious need. Our plans for the future continue our innovative approach and will push the brand to the forefront of the industry"."

Anthony DiMoro

"I'm passionate about building long-term business relationships throughout the industry and making Gamactica a strong business entity."

Lorenzo Rossi