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[qodef_accordion][qodef_accordion_tab title_tag=”h5″ title=”What is Gamactica?”]

Gamactica is a social media networking community and marketing platform for specific to the streaming, gaming, and esports industries. Our mission is to build a networking platform that helps the different sectors of the industry network more efficiently and more organically. We are planning a mobile app and streaming platform component, along with many other features, in the future. You can read more about the community, our mission, and our current sections and features right here.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][qodef_accordion_tab title_tag=”h5″ title=”When Did Gamactica Initially Launch?”]

We launched the beta version of Gamactica in October 2018. Our launch has been 100% conducted in-house and self-funded by our founder Anthony DiMoro. We are still operating in beta, and will continue to do so until the launch of our next generation version of Gamactica. In 2020, Gamactica announced the additions of Lorenzo Rossi as our CFO and Allan Stroud as our COO.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][qodef_accordion_tab title_tag=”h5″ title=”What is Gamactica’s Streaming Platform Going to be Like?”]

While many platforms have launched with the intention of being an alternative to the likes of Twitch and YouTube, none have introduced a true innovation. Gamactica aims to provide a streaming platform that provides tools, resources, and features to help content creators (big or small) evolve as a business, and maximize their monetization opportunities. We aim to provide a platform with a transparent TOS that applies to all streamers. We want our platform to fully incorporate our social community and it’s features. Our streaming platform will help combat legal pitfalls streamers face, incentivize streamers & viewers, help connect creators to vetted businesses, and provide innovative, yet familiar features to help content creators evolve.

Our community will welcome streamers from all platforms, regardless if they stream on Gamactica or not.

We do not currently have a timeline for development or completion of our streaming platform.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][qodef_accordion_tab title_tag=”h5″ title=”Are You Looking for Partners?”]

Every company is looking to improve and grow, and Gamactica is no different. As of this moment, we are not offering any paid, part time, or full time opportunities or any form of official employment. However, if you would like to talk to us about a role with our Executive Team, we are always interested in exploring.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][qodef_accordion_tab title_tag=”h5″ title=”If I Become An Ambassador, Admin, or Think Tank Participant Will I Be Paid?”]

No, we are not offering financial compensation for these roles. However, once these launches take place we will develop a program/feature to compensate those who participated via our social networking community and/or streaming platform.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][qodef_accordion_tab title_tag=”h5″ title=”Are You Currently Looking for Business Partnerships, Advertisers?”]

We are always on the lookout for business opportunities, including (but not limited to) advertising, business partnerships, sponsorships, and more. We are also interested in working with esports teams, streamers, stream teams, organizations, game development studios, content creators, gaming communities, cosplayers, fitness streamers, and more. Feel free to explore our website and community and reach out accordingly.

[/qodef_accordion_tab][qodef_accordion_tab title_tag=”h5″ title=”I Am Interested In Investing, How Can I Get in Contact With Gamactica?”]

If you are interested in investing in Gamactica, please email us with a link to your company/professional profile, and we can arrange a time to call. We will also send over our Pitch Deck.

Please email: [email protected] and CC [email protected]

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