Arlene Paige Cosplay

cosplayer, costume designer, model

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Arlene Paige Cosplay: “Hi! I’m a 24 year old cosplayer that enjoys designing her own pieces and making things by hand. I started cosplaying in 2013 when I went to my local con Tokyo in Tulsa. I was hooked from then on! Cosplaying helped me escape the abuse from my family and boyfriend back in 2013/2014. When I went to college it helped me reconnect with society in a place where I was fully accepted for my nerdy and unique qualities. In 2017 I completed 50+ Cosplays due to a major spike in my depression. Cosplay has and always will be my release.

I also do charity work as a lot of my characters! Turning what helped me smile into what can help others smile makes it worth the long nights of crunching!