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Umichan: “I am Umichan, I am a streamer, cosplayer, mother and wife. I stream on mixer and stream a variety of games including Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I been streaming since 2015 and cosplaying since 2007. My brand is all about love, having fun and building a close community as well as give a safe place for all viewers and followers!

I have cosplayed several different characters including Asuna from Sword Art Online, Yuki from Vampire Knight, & Lenalee from D. Gray man. I have gone to several conventions including Kawaii-Kon and Otakon, I have done Cosplay Photoshoots & have cosplayed during some of my live streams.

I cosplay because not only do I love it but I want people to feel comfortable cosplaying and show different communities what cosplaying is about.