Gamactica was launched in October of 2018 by Anthony DiMoro and Elite Rank Media. Anthony’s mission was to create a unique social network community and marketing platform for streamers, gamers, and more.

Over time, we have been able to build a supportive community that is helping us build an incredible reputation as a brand that truly provides a benefit to members.

While Gamactica is still in BETA, we continue to develop more features and elements to our website in an effort to take our community to the next level, and create something truly positive, powerful, impactful, and beneficial for the community as a whole.

We monitor for toxicity, and do our best to ensure our community is being positive and supportive of other members, and the Gamactica brand.

The Gamactica Cosplay Directory is aimed to create a viable platform for cosplayers and brands to gain exposure. Through our internet marketing and SEO methods, we give our directory, and the members of our community, the unique exposure and marketing that is not often provided, FREE, by any brand.

With our rating system, we hope to provide an element of our directory that will help connect members with one another, and be the catalyst for improvement so that every cosplayer can be the very best, and continue to level up their game.

Gamactica is backed by an award winning Florida SEO and Medical SEO internet marketing company. Check out Elite Rank Media to read more about the brand powering our present, and out future.