In order to be considered, and remain listed, in our Cosplay Directory, we do have the following requirements:

Do you meet the following:

  • You’re an established Cosplayer/Brand
  • You have a social media presence with your work uploaded to your social pages
  • You’re be willing to rate other Cosplayers, and be open to being rated by the community (Ratings can be submitted on each Listing page)
  • You Agree that Gamactica can use the work you list in our Directory for our social media, and marketing our Cosplay Directory
  • If you have a website, you agree to link to the Gamactica Cosplay Directory.

Keep in mind that we do monitor to ensure our members are continuing to meet their requirements. While listings are FREE, we do require that support is shown. In the event of an unfollow of our social pages, unlinking to our website, etc, we will remove any associated promo of your page. Your listing will remain active, but you will no longer be considered for future promos.

Ready to get listed? Here are the steps:

  1. Create a profile on This makes you an official member of our community. Make sure you complete your profile by adding information, and uploading a picture.
  2. Ensure that you following our social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram: @gamactica_ and @gamacticacosplay. On Twitter @gamactica
  3. Download the Gamactica Mobile App
  4. Once the above three steps are completed please fill out this form.
  5. Email us 3-5 pictures of your work. In the event nothing is emailed, we will randomly select pictures from your associated pages. Email: gamactica (at) gmail (dot) com.

Are you a cosplayer who also streams? Awesome! We can list you in our Stream Directory for even more exposure, and bring more eyes to your channel! Head over to this page to check it out and get started.