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Games by Ryan: “I am a full time solo indie developer. I believe in creating games that I am passionate about using the community to make up for the fact I am solo. I have been making games for about 3 years now. However, I used to program in other aspects of the industry not related to game dev in any way for several years. I had changed professions due to personal reasons (wasn’t happy), and stopped working in the industry completely. However, 3 years ago I saw unreal visual scripting, and the sheer power provided by the engine out of the box. The one time wannabe game dev in me spirit was re-ignited and I have been working with ue4 ever since full time. When I got out of college in 2000 game dev jobs were not really available, but I had always wanted to make games. I had long given up on that until I saw the power of unreal 4, and been living my best life ever since.”

Several free / game jam games found here: https://hulgarth.itch.io/
Including the early technical demo for my current large game in Early Access on steam that ran for about 6 months. “Game Dev Masters”

I created my first commercial game in 2019 “The Ai Games”. This was a learning project for me to learn the aspects of fully shipping a packaged game / updates / steam integration etc etc..

Game Dev Masters is my first multi year level game, and it is currently being very well received. Small visibility among tycoon players, but solid growth each week so far during EA with a long road ahead.

GDM has been nominated for multiple small awards in tiny publications / communities, but has currently not won anything.

The closest we cam so far was 2nd place for a “Game Developer World Championship” weekly nominee round.

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