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Modoka Studios: “Modoka (Modoka Studios Entertainment) is a Dutch interactive entertainment company, primarily working on game development and publishing. With many creative ideas, we try to create something memorable. We are located in The Netherlands, but it doesn’t feel that way. With help from people all over the world and more than millions of impressions + downloads, our true office is the World Wide Web. With global partners, Modoka keeps growing. We would like to thank you for being part of our growth. By receiving big-time feedback and development advice, you’ve been an essential part of the Modoka group as much as we’ve been.”

Saddies: Attack

Projectile Guardian


Project Sonymon

Imperia Online


Desert Runners

Lost Knight

BDEF: Base Defenders


Atomic Flame Deluge

RIKO: The Adventurer

PSP Homebrew Game Competition – Project Sonymon (5th Place)

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