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We are selective with the streams we list in our directory. If you want your channel to be listed, please fill out the form below. Please ensure that all information is filled out correctly.

Once we receive the request, we will review (in the order that it is received) and contact you if you have been approved. Please provide us up to a week to get in touch.

To ensure approval, please be active in our community, engage in other streams, and show support. This is a powerful benefit, and we want it to go to members who are giving back to the Gamactica community and it’s members.

If you are not selected, you can re-apply in one month. You can be rejected for a number of reasons, and we aim to list everyone who expresses positivity and community support.

IMPORTANT: After submitting your application email us your logo or pic you want us to use for your listing. Make sure to put your Gamactica username & channel username in the title of the email info(at)

provide your full name. We will use your Streaming name for your listing. Full Name's are only for application purposes
Feel free to list COUNTRY, CITY, STATE or any combination
link to your Gamactica profile OR Gamactica username (if you do not yet have a Gamactica account, please do that first.
pick the categories that describe your channel(s)
links to your channels separated by commas (or usernames)
links to you social media accounts. NOTE: Please list FULL URLS
tell us about you, your channel, your goals, and what viewers can expect from your channel. NOTE: Minimum of 4 sentences
links to any of your sponsors and/or affiliates (if available)
list your stream schedule times | Day + Times
List games you are dedicated to streaming, separated by comma (ex: fortnite, destiny, apex legends, WOW)
if you stream in languages OTHER THAN ENGLISH, please list them here.
are you a part of an Stream Team? let us know and provide a link. IMPORTANT: If you are affiliated/own a stream team, please fill out another form FOR the stream team in order to have the stream team listed. ESPORTS TEAMS: Please go to
please tell us who referred you to Gamactica. If you were referred by a Gamactica Member, please let us know who so we can reward that member with GamactiPoints
if someone from Gamactica referred you, please let us know who they are (Gamactica username, full name, social media name, etc)
tell us why we should list your channel, and how it can help you.
we are building a strong community, we want members willing to help and support other channels (views, chats) . link to our terms can be found below.
IMPORTANT: building our community is important, and based on mutual support. In order to be listed and remain listed, please follow our streaming accounts and subscribe to our YouTube channel. YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL STEPS TO BE CONSIDERED AND ADDED

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