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Nightmistful Production: “Nightmistful Production was created by Marvin Maddicks Jr. Marvin is a freelance and independent art illustrator, horror music composer and upcoming actor in indie horror movies .

Camp of Terror (associate producer) (pre-production)
 Debbie Does Demons (executive producer) (pre-production)
 Devil’s Knight (associate producer) (pre-production)
 Live Laugh Die (associate producer) (pre-production)
 Transient (associate producer) (pre-production)
 Zombikini (associate producer) (pre-production)
 2023The Flower City Butcher (associate producer) (pre-production)
 2022Jammin’ Dead (associate producer) (pre-production)
 2022Mistletoe Massacre (associate producer) (pre-production)
 2022The 3rd Channel (associate producer) (pre-production)
 Incessant (executive producer) (filming)
 King on Screen (Documentary) (associate producer) (filming)
 Moonrocks (producer) (filming)
 Z Dead End (associate producer – as Marvin Maddicks) (filming)
 2022Axe2Grind (executive producer) (filming)
 2022Go Away (associate producer) (filming)
 2022Window with a View (associate producer) (filming)
 2022The Descent of Sanity (associate producer) (filming)
 2022Passages of Nexus (associate producer) (filming)
 2022/IStaycation (associate producer) (filming)
 2022The Dark Carnival (associate producer) (filming)
 Amityville Bigfoot (executive producer) (post-production)
 Amityville Shark House (associate producer) (post-production)
 Bermuda Island (executive producer) (post-production)
 Cheer Bloody Murder (associate producer) (post-production)
 Children of Night (Short) (associate producer) (post-production)
 Cult of Blood (associate producer) (post-production)
 Dark Forest (Short) (executive producer) (post-production)
 Deadly Dealings (associate producer) (post-production)
 Demons at Dawn (executive producer) (post-production)
 Mannequin (producer) (post-production)
 Night of the Zomghouls (executive producer) (post-production)
 Ourselves (associate producer) (post-production)
 Regicide (associate producer) (post-production)
 The Call (executive producer) (post-production)
 The Spirit Board Sessions (associate producer) (post-production)
 Werewolf Cabal (associate producer) (post-production)
 2022Alien Planet (executive producer) (post-production)
 2022Arena Wars (executive producer) (post-production)
 2022Project Skyquake (supervising producer) (post-production)
 2022Reunion from Hell 2 (co-producer) (post-production)
 2022The Sawyer Massacre (executive producer) (post-production)
 2022Woods Witch (associate producer) (post-production)
 2022Protege Moi (associate producer) (post-production)
 2022Horrortales.666 Part 3 (associate producer) (post-production)
 Awesomely Righteous & Radical (executive producer) (completed)
 Blood Prison (Short) (associate producer) (completed)
 Death Count (associate producer) (completed)
 Piglady (associate producer) (completed)
 Realm of Shadows (associate producer) (completed)
 2022Night of the Tommyknockers (associate producer) (completed)
 2022The Macabre (associate producer) (completed)
 2022Bridge of the Doomed (associate producer) (completed)
 2022The Intruders (Short) (producer)
 2022Binary (Short) (producer)
 2022ShadowMarsh (producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2022Distortion 2021 (co-producer)
 2022Decline (funding producer)
 2022Found Footage of Fear: Digital Terror (executive producer)
 2022The Date (Short) (producer)
 2022Amityville Karen (associate producer)
 2021Echo Falls (Short) (co-producer)
 2021He Knows (associate producer)
 2021In Bluebell Wood (Short) (associate producer)
 2021The Elsewhere (Short) (executive producer)
 2021Le Ice (Short) (producer)
 2021Man Walks Into A Bar (Short) (producer)
 2021Gore: All Hallows Eve (associate producer) / (producer)
 2021Seasons (co-producer)
 2021Acting (funding producer)
 2021Terror at Black Tree Forest (executive producer)
 2021Torture (co-producer)
 2021Crawl (Short) (associate producer)
 2021Brimstone Creek Rd (executive producer)
 2021The Demented (associate producer)
 2021The Devil’s Lettuce (associate producer) / (producer)
 2021Camp Murder (producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2021Wicked Jack: Ethereal Pilgrim (Short) (associate producer)
 2021Stick Up (Short) (executive producer)
 2021Zed’s Dead (associate producer)
 2021Strix (associate producer)
 2021Psychotica (Short) (associate producer)
 2020The Haunted Couple (Short) (associate producer)
 2020I Appreciate You (Short) (executive producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2019A Sort of Hunger (Short) (executive producer)
 2018Guerrilla (Short) (executive producer)
 2017Ghoulish (Short) (producer)
 2016Face Value (Short) (producer)
 2016Shane Ryan’s Faces of Snuff (executive producer)
 2016Infirmity (Short) (producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2015The Fix (Short) (producer)
 2015/IIOut of the Box (Short) (producer)
 2014Massacre at Femur Creek (Short) (producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2013Voices from the Forest (Video short) (producer)
 2013/IIFollow (Short) (producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2013In Conversation (Short) (producer)
 2013The Hobo & the Clown (Short) (producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2012Flesh and Blood (Short) (producer)
 2012Bury the Sky (Short) (producer – as Marvin Maddicks)
 2012My Name Is ‘A’ by Anonymous (executive producer)
 2012Fang Bang (Video short) (producer)
 2011Die Cody, Die (Short) (producer)
 2011Paper Seeds (Short) (producer)
 2011The Girl Who Wasn’t Missing (executive producer)
 2011Oni-gokko (Video short) (executive producer)
 2011They Made Me Do It (Video short) (producer)

3 awards for indie slasher movie Camp Murder.
1 nominations for indie horror movie A Sort Of Hunger.

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