The Gamactica Esports Directory was created as an extension of our Stream Directory, and as a hub for esports teams from around the world to gain visibility, improve branding, leverage SEO, and network with others in the industry.

Gamactica was formed in October 2018 by Anthony DiMoro of Elite Rank Media, with a mission to create an innovative, beneficial, and positive community and marketing platform for streamers, gamers, esports, cosplayers, devs, and brands.

Since then we have been able to climb the ranks in Google, bring a number of streamers, gamers, brands, and cosplayers together, and offer a real benefit to streamers, something only Gamactica has been able to do.

Each listing offers the power of internet marketing and SEO to the esports team associated with it. Crafted by award winning internet marketing company Elite Rank Media, the SEO power trickles down to the brand associated with the listing, improving visibility online, improving branding, and, via Gamactica’s growing community, bring a more targeted audience to your brand.

Additionally, Gamactica gives Esports teams a viable resource and tool to recruit potential members. Our Stream Directory is a hub for Esports Teams to vet streamers, and our community gives you a direct line to communicate.

While our basic listings are FREE, we do require that support is reciprocated to the Gamactica brand, community, and it’s members. This means showing support to our brand by following, auto-hosting, and using our network to connect with other members.

Our community is built on genuine support. The more support the community, and our brand, generates, the more support that is spread among the members. It’s a reciprocal foundation that we believe is the key to success, for all Gamacticans.

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