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Gaming Teams

Whether you are new to a game or a pro, gaming is always better with friends. Gaming teams have become quite popular and Player Ready Up wants to help you find a gaming team. Check out the bios of some of our featured teams currently gaming.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive resource directory for gamers and find and connect with gaming teams. We also want to highlight the gaming teams that are looking to recruit players, but may need a bit of extra exposure to get the ball rolling or round out their team.

Our requirements to be listed in our directory are as follows:

  • Must be an existing team or group of gamers with more than 3 members.
  • Must be streaming on Twitch, Mixer and/or YouTube
  • Must have an active social media profile on Twitter and/or Facebook for your gaming team to connect
  • Must following Player Ready Up On Twitter, Facebook, Twitch (Channel 1 & Channel 2) and YouTube. This will maintain your listing on our page, essentially, your form of “payment” for being listed.
  • We promote positive gaming experiences, so we want gamers to enjoy the experience of gaming with your team.

Benefits of being listed:

  • Our page is a main focus of our internet marketing efforts. We are backed by Miami SEO company Elite Rank Media and their focus is to increase our exposure on social media as well as Google, Yahoo and Bing for gaming team related searches. This gives us an unrivaled edge over similar websites and initiatives.
  • We are constantly churning our content, both visual (streams) and written (our articles) which will continue to help us grow our visibility and, thus, the visibility of the gaming teams listed on this page.

If you want to suggest a team, simply use our contact form to let us know.

Check back in the future as we build out Gaming Teams directory.