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Gamactica Global provides you an efficient way to find and connect with streamers from around the world. Find channels broadcasting in different languages, find streamers from your country, and connect with gamers and streamers, just like you, from around the globe.

On this exclusive section of Gamactica, you can find: Twitch Germany, Twitch France, Twitch Espanol, Twitch Italiano, Twitch UK (Twitch Europe), Twitch Ireland, Twitch Russia, Twitch India, Twitch Dutch, Twitch Netherlands, Twitch Japan, Twitch Australia, Twitch New Zealand, Twitch Sweden, Twitch Switzerland, Twitch Belgium, Twitch Philippines, Twitch Croatia, and Twitch Canada.

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If you’re looking for Mixer streams, then the below section is currently in the works (coming soon):

You can also find on this exclusive section of Gamactica: Mixer Germany, Mixer France, Mixer Espanol, Mixer Italiano, Mixer UK (Mixer Europe), Mixer Ireland, Mixer Russia, Mixer India, Mixer Dutch, Mixer Netherlands, Mixer Japan, Mixer Australia, Mixer New Zealand, Mixer Sweden, Mixer Switzerland, Mixer Belgium, Mixer Philippines, Mixer Croatia, and Mixer Canada.

As this section continues to build, we will be adding more languages and geographical locations.

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