Setting boundaries with your community

  • Setting boundaries with your community

    Posted by oldgennewgen on September 2, 2021 at 4:22 pm

    This is something that isn’t talked about enough. When you’re new and trying to build a community it’s so easy to say things like “Oh yeah DM me anytime”, “or if you see me online hit me up to play.” Doing this though can really set you up for a lot of irritation and can contribute to burn out.

    It’s not hard to answer a few quick DM’s or play with follower offstream occasionally at first. However, as your community grows it can quickly become overwhelming. Plus, you feel bad that you’re letting one of your supporters down. Also, there’s the thoughts of “will they unsub/unfollow/stop watching if I don’t?”

    I remember before I took my year hiatus from streaming I would get multiple DM’s at all hours. I would fire up Steam and get a request to play almost instantly. I’d get a DM as soon as I finished streaming about playing something. You might be saying “well OldGen that’s a nice problem to have” but sometimes you just want to play a few games and relax with friends. This lead to me showing “offline” on everything which I really didn’t like having to do.

    It becomes even more difficult when you have a big donater. These folks can sometimes have a sense of entitlement to you and your time.

    The solution is to set boundaries early on. It’s ok to let people know that you have a life outside of streaming. That you may not be able to answer DM’s. It’s ok to tell them that you sometimes game with only friends offstream. One thing I used to do is set one night a month aside for gaming with subs offstream. Or, movie night with Subs. It was not only a sub perk, but more importantly it established a boundary. You could also have one stream per week where you say, ok “this is playing with viewers night” or “playing with subs night”

    However you choose to establish boundaries, just do it trust me. I wish I’d done it before and I may not have suffered burn out.

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