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  • Trovo & discord linking

    Posted by MrGNV on August 30, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    Hey guys, a little while ago I made this post on the discord forums to try and garner some attention and help get the Trovo discord the linking it deserves. Things like the “live stream status / badge ” that twitch gets, being able to use your sub emotes on your discord server, sub only channels, etc. If you guys could check it out and give it a “thumbs up” & maybe a comment, I’m sure the Trovo community would appreciate it.

    MrGNV replied 1 year, 6 months ago 3 Members · 5 Replies
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  • AnthonyDiMoro

    September 1, 2021 at 5:19 pm

    Hey everyone! I’m reading this and I am curious as to what specific things you are looking for. Perhaps, if there are enough Trovo streamers interested + if it is possible on our end, we can work on some of that for Groups here.

    Additionally, I think there should be better organic connections between your communities and your channel. If you’re looking to accomplish that, without having to complete development to implement features, I think we can have a better shot at accomplishing something with Trovo and Gamactica

    Keep in mind that these features already exist in Groups:

    – Posts
    – Forums
    – Photo Sharing
    – Clips
    – Events
    – Group Messaging

    We do want to scale this out, but development will be needed on a larger scale. Therefore, if we can pinpoint your exact needs, and try and solve them with what already exists + working with Trovo, we may have a greater chance at success

    • MrGNV

      September 2, 2021 at 7:47 am

      Hey Anthony, Hope you’re having a great day!
      I will list the 4 “main things” that streamers need with account linking although I feel only 2 would be viable on Gamactica. The first two, I feel would be a huge thing for Gamactica and a HUGE help for streamers to help get them noticed and drive traffic.

      Basics of account linking between the platforms.

      Live button

      When a streamer goes live on another platform, such as Twitch, they have a status badge / icon pop up next to their name that indicates that they are currently live (usually a purple circle with a play button in the middle), this helps drive traffic to the streamers stream as lurkers of the the channel can see they are live. This could be a possible feature for Gamactica, where it states on our profile for instance that we are a streamer (the lovely red badge), that could maybe change to a green badge that says “currently broadcasting” ? On a site like this, this would help streamers find other streamers somewhat easier.


      Maybe if there was some way to have a dedicated channel / section for automatic live announcements, this way members of Gamactica could check this channel at their own free will to see who is live on Trovo, Twitch, Youtbe etc (there realistically would be a live section for each one under each group). I feel it would also be imperative not to “ping” group members when people go live, this would drive them insane lol. Simply put, silent clickable linked posts of people going live under a dedicated tab in their respective streaming groups that would display the same information as if they posted their links on social media. (same as a bot would do for a streamer on discord). This channel would of course need some sort of “automatic clean up system”, maybe wiped every 24 – 48 hours (or longer). Otherwise it could end up taking a lot of server memory eventually?

      Sub benefits

      1, With account linking between discord and for instance twitch, when someone subscribes to your channel you can make a dedicated channel for subscribers only to talk in. (Not sure this would be a factor for Gamactica)

      2, You can also have your streams subscriber emotes automatically available in your discord channel although I feel this probably wouldn’t be viable for Gamactica either)

      Those are the 4 things I can currently think of that are the main “benefit” of account linking between discord and twitch with the first two I feel being of benefit to Gamactica.

  • MrGNV

    September 1, 2021 at 7:01 am

    Thing is, Trovo has no control over us getting these features / options, this is all on discord to implement, when I spoke to Magicmaggie & LawofRoyale (discord mods for Trovo) about having this added they asked me to make a post on the Discord forums to garner interest from the community (just hard to advertise it as I cannot link it on their discord) and try to get discords attention with it.