Let’s Talk: Main Game/Activity, Variety or a little bit of both?

  • Let’s Talk: Main Game/Activity, Variety or a little bit of both?

    Posted by SiniBlob on December 20, 2021 at 10:03 am

    I thought it would be helpful to have some discussion around what type of content focus we each have and how it has affected our channel.

    I personally label myself as chaotic variety. What this means is that I have neither a main game or a genre focus on my channel.

    As everyone knows variety isn’t usually the best way to grow. Choosing a main game or genre often promises more stable growth while at the same time killing off your numbers when switching away from that main game.

    I, however, have over the years managed to get myself a stable audience for whatever I play (I’m not big by any means though, stable audience used to mean a 20 normal average, 15 minimum, but with streaming breaks that’s dropped back into 10 average for all categories, likely lower for when I come back after this move). They’ve embraced the chaos and the new experiences they’ll get from it, whether they vibe with the genre of the day or not.

    What I’ve learned from this experience is that there’s entertainment value to what and how I stream, since people are willing to stick to these vastly different categories. Another thing I’ve learned is that I’m good at selling games with my excitement about them and therefore getting people to try out new experiences.

    This as well as the fact that I hate being tied to one game only is why I’ve stuck to my variety ways and even to my way of picking games that aren’t necessarily an alive category on twitch. My passion simply is sharing new experiences and all I’d change is making smarter choices for a 2nd category of the week, so I’d have a stronger category every week as my growth holder of sorts.

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