What gaming category communities have you had your best experiences with?

  • What gaming category communities have you had your best experiences with?

    Posted by SiniBlob on November 26, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    You know, those communities that build around a specific type of gaming category. You may not be able to get them to follow you into other categories, but I’m sure there’s a few that you got some positive memories from.

    I personally hold a fond place in my heart for the Subnautica and Elite: Dangerous communities.

    The Subnautica community is extremely excitable if you’re new to the game. Sometimes too much so, since they do tend to be a bit hand-holdey and backseaty at times, but as long as you give a stern talking to about the matter they at least used to be a fun one to be with for a first experience of the game. They’re not mean spirited if you take a while to understand and explore, though the fun will be mostly on their side when you first run into creatures like the Reaper Leviathan. And trust me, they’re waiting for you two’s first time meeting.

    The Elite: Dangerous community is similarly welcoming and will hold your hand, though with this game you’re more than happy to let them as a newcomer. The community is full of veteran commanders who have vastly different focuses on what they like to do in the game, sometimes not overlapping at all with what you decide to do.. and they’ll still be there, having a good time chatting with fellow commanders and sharing their latest conquests in the game. Big bonus with this community is also all kinds of extra space and science knowledge, I learned something new about how our universe worked almost every time I streamed this game.

    So there’s some of my experiences. I was about to make this an update at first, but considering the length the post was getting to and the open invitation to discuss I thought I’d make this a proper discussion instead. ­čśü

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