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The industry of influencer marketing has steadily been growing over the last several years, with platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube proving to be viable marketing outlets and tools for brands and businesses across a plethora of niches and industries.

Gamactica strives to provide a marketplace for businesses and brand to efficiently and easily discover and connect with creators and influencers in a variety of content mediums such as live-streaming, short form content, VOD content, and social media posts, with an easy way to contact the creator directly on the Gamactica platform and conduct business.

For the creators that are listed on Trend, they will have a complete profile showcasing their content and social media growth, as well as any additional links to other search engines and directories on Gamactica. More importantly, creators will set baseline pricing for the services they offer, optimizing the process of working with businesses and brands.

Each listing is also powered by our award-winning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing services, and provides the unrivaled benefit of boosting your brand’s online and market presence for increased value, visibility, and discoverability.

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Easily Search for Influencer and Creators based on a number of factors, across a variety of social media and content platforms and search by:


Price Range

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Businesses can dive deeper by cross-referencing creators/influencers on the Gamactica platform utilizing our other search engines, where you can get more in-depth information, and reviews directly from their audiences.

For Influencers

The Gamactica platform is innovative, and is the only platform with the benefits of Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, and other aspects of Internet Marketing fluidly integrated in our platform, content, and search engines.

Improve Discoverability

Improve Visibility

Drive More Business Opportunities

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Develop Connections with Businesses

Influencers can take the impact and benefits of Gamactica Trend to the next level by signing up for Premier Membership, which is loaded with additional SEO benefits, and Media/PR Coverage.

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If you’re ready to be listed in the Trend search engine, make sure that you first setup a profile on the Gamactica platform, and then fill out the application found at the link below. Applications can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to process (in some instances longer), depending on volume. For additional benefits explore Premier Membership options (click here)