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The Streaming Marketplace

The Gamactica Marketplace provides streamers and gamers the ultimate resource to find quality brands, businesses, merchants, service providers, and stores that specifically provide service for the streaming, gaming, and esports industry.

Find streamer talent agents and streamer managers to help bring your career to the next level. Find top of the line streaming equipment to level up your channel. Find services and connect with professionals that can help bring your brand to the next level.

Our marketplace let’s you shop with the power of information, all in an exclusive and reputable community, and is an extension of the Gamactica community platform.

Building a career in streaming & esports takes a lot, including finding the right businesses to shop with so that you can make your brand the best it can possibly be.


NOTE: Be sure to check out our music section for streamer music, musicians, and more!

For the Industry

Easily find solutions, products, and services that are geared towards the streaming & gaming industry. Peruse our directory, and shop with confidence, regardless of what you are looking for. We provide you with a powerful resource, all within Gamactica.

100% Gamactica

Any listing, any business, and any merchant that you find in our directory/marketplace is a member of the Gamactica community. We only work with businesses that can ensure that they are a part of the same community that you are.

Equipment & Services

Find streaming equipment, gaming equipment, software, services and other products that are essential to bringing your channel and/or brand to the next level.

Shop With Confidence

With the Gamactica platform you can shop with confidence. Check out reviews from other Gamacticans, find discounts & exclusive offers for Gamacticans, all by using the Gamactica platform.

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Listing your business, products, and/or services on the Gamactica Marketplace allows you exclusive access to the Gamactica community and we market your business to our community, via the platform.

Our community is exclusive, and by having an active listing subscription, you are granted membership to the Gamactica community to network, and also keep an active listing.

Just check out the benefits of a Gamactica Marketplace Membership below:

Access to Gamactica

An active listing gives you an active membership to the Gamactica community, an exclusive community for gamers, streamers, esports, developers & studios, and cosplayers.

Network with your direct audience.

SEO & Internet Marketing Benefits

Gamactica provides a unique and powerful benefit due to our partnership with award-winning internet marketing & SEO company Elite Rank Media. Our internet marketing & SEO impact provides exposure across search engines & more for all of our listings, and our community

Awesome Listing Features

Our Listings allow you to run promos, marketing campaigns, discount codes and more, all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

The Gamactica platform provides you the tools and resources to help maximize your listing page in our Marketplace.