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Gamactica is a unique hybrid of a social networking community and a viable marketing platform/tool exclusive to the gaming and streaming industry. We have your targeted audience, all in one place.


We list hundreds of Twitch & Mixer streamers in our Stream Directory. Your brand, as a Merchant, can be listed here. Doing so tells our members that you’re a verified merchant or business that they can work with or buy from.


Our platform is very similar to popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing members to constantly share and engage with the community via posts.

Forward Thinking

We have worked hard since our BETA launch in October 2018 to create something innovative and beneficial to the streaming and gaming community. The future is bright with Gamactica

Experience the innovative Gamactica community and tap into it’s unlimited potential!

Gamactica is backed, structured, operated, and maintained by award-winning internet marketing, SEO, and social media marketing. Elite Rank Media, established in 2009, has been a leader in internet marketing, earning awards for it’s services such as Medical SEO, and provides the optimization for Gamactica to ensure it remains prominently visible in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others from around the world.

Gamactica is a part of the DiMoro Enterprises media network. Home of popular brands such as Sports Rants, GridIroned, Fright Nerd, Player Ready Up, Basketball Herald, and more!

And there are more amazing features!

Gamactica has a number of sections that allow visitors to find Twitch and Mixer streams, even watch dozens of streams that are broadcasting LIVE all on one page. We also have a Global section that features channels from around the world, and in different languages, pushing the globalization of our brand forward.

Gamactica features more than just channels dedicated to gaming. We also have sections dedicated to Talk Shows & Podcast Streams, Twitch Fitness Streams, Live Sports streams, Twitch Music Streams, Performing Arts streams, Art streams, Twitch Dev Streams, Developer streams and more. Our Stream Directory also offers sections dedicated to IRL Streams, ASMR Streams, Esports teams, Cosplayers,and more, allowing the brands associated with Gamactica to tap into an audience beyond just gaming.

There is also a section dedicated to gamer dating.

Gamactica also provides news and content on the gaming, streaming, and esports industries. Fresh content diversifies our website, making it a resource for news and a resource for entertaining and interesting content directly relatable to our audience.

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