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About Us

In January 2022, Gamactica announced a new partnership with Elite Rank Media to offer industry and niche specific internet marketing, public relations, content marketing, and search engine optimization services for the industry.

Gamactica was founded in 2018 by Anthony DiMoro

Established in 2009, Elite Rank Media was built by renowned internet marketing specialist Anthony DiMoro, who spent the early part of his career (2006-2009) as an executive with one of the top internet marketing firms in the industry, helping them grow to that stature as one of their top specialist, and managers.

Since the launch of Elite Rank Media, the brand has been able to provide top-notch internet marketing for brands and businesses from across the nation, and around the world.

Furthermore, Elite Rank Media has been a key component of the success of online brands such as Sports Rants, Fright Nerd and Gamactica, and their brand of internet marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing has helped them from launch to beyond.

Now, Gamactica is carving a space in the Gaming, Esports, and Content Creation sectors, to deliver the same award-winning impact that they have been know for in other niches and industries.

Given the importance of Digital Marketing in the Digital Content and Marketplace, Elite Rank Media strives to deliver creative, impactful, and transparent services that produce results that stick.