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Esports Marketing & SEO

The Esports industry has become a major industry over the past decade, with a marked expansion of esports teams, esports players, esports casters, and more mainstream companies either developing their own team, of making sizeable investments in an esports organization. The Esports boom has been making waves for years, even making headlines at ESPN back in 2015.

With a more competitive landscape and more saturated market, it can be hard for new teams, brands, and players in Esports to gain traction. It can equally be as challenging for established brands and organizations to take things to the next level as the industry landscape evolves rapidly.

Some of the top Esports teams and brands are already discussing the importance of Esports SEO and Internet Marketing to their current, and future successes.

“eUnited does use elements such as SEO to increase visibility when selling merchandise or showcasing new sponsor” general manager and Vice President of eUnited, Matt Pottholf said – via Search Engine Watch.



Elite Rank Media has already laid the foundation for national and global SEO impact in the industry with their Esports Directory on Gamactica, but perhaps you want to dive deeper into the benefits of Esports SEO and invest more into the process.

With bigger brand already understanding the importance of SEO, and how critical of a role it plays in the industry, it’s time your brand levels up!

Since 2009, Elite Rank Media has been providing award-winning Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services nationally and globally, to brands across a variety of industries and markets, and now we are offering top-notch Esports Marketing services specifically geared for the industry.

Elite Rank Media has an in-depth understanding of how SEO can be crafted into any Esports Marketing strategy, and has been the driving force behind brands such as Gamactica in making their mark in the industry.


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The Esports Boom isn't going anywhere....Are You Ready?

“eUnited does use elements such as SEO to increase visibility when selling merchandise or showcasing new sponsors. Additionally, we help players revise their stream titles and descriptions for better chances of obtaining new viewership when users are searching for different topics on Twitch”

Matt Potthoff

Matt Potthoff

Vice President eUnited | via Search Engine Watch