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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing, and thus internet marketing, involving endorsements and product placement from influencers, people and organizations utilizing their own social media and online profiles, including websites.

When it comes to finding the perfect strategy for your Influencer Marketing campaigns, Elite Rank Media can not only provide you the critical internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization elements to help boost and support and Influencer Marketing campaign, but also connect you with influencers and brands to work with.

The Influencer Marketing Industry is projected to grow to approximately $13.8 Billion in 2021, which puts even more emphasis and importance on implementing it into your overall marketing campaign. Gen Z, which is a demographic aged 16-26, now makes up 40% of consumers

It’s estimated that 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations over other sources, making Influencer Marketing a real power player in any marketing strategy.

However, merging it alongside a comprehensive Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization strategy can take any Influencer Marketing Campaign even further. This is where Elite Rank Media comes in.

Whether you are already working with an agency on a specific campaign, and want us to collaborate on bringing in supportive elements, or you are looking to build a new Influencer Marketing and/or Influencer SEO campaign, we can help.

Behind the Numbers

Influencer Marketing comes in two forms:

  1. The Brands & Businesses looking to utilize Influencers and Creators as a part of their marketing strategies.

  2. Influencers looking to enhanced their overall brand value to become more appealing to potential business and advertisers.

In both cases, Gamactica can help. The Gamactica platform, at it’s core, creates and optimizes more connections between brands and creators, and our platform provides intuitive ways to assess a creator, vet their brand, and get a total view of all the intricacies of that brand/creator, via our directories on Gamactica.

Our Directory listings provide in-depth views into the numbers and value metrics behind a creator and/or brand, all in one place – the Gamactica platform. In some instances you can even get direct feedback from a audience or viewer on a specific creator or brand, so you can access which of those measurables align with your brand, if any.

Gamactica‘s Influencer Marketing can help you further that optimization, and also provide Internet Marketing services, aka Influencer Marketing, to help bolster brand value and help develop more targeted opportunities.


If Influencer Marketing is not a part of your current strategy, you may be missing out on a booming element that can help your brand become more immersed in today’s digital marketplace. The numbers and statistics demonstrate the viability of this industry.

According to Forbes: “In 2021, the global esports industry was worth more than $1.08 billion; that number is expected to grow to nearly $1.7 billion by 2024.” This indicates that Esports Influencers is a new emerging market, and that Esports Influencer Marketing will follow right behind. Gamactica will help you fluidly roll into this space.

Additionally (per the report) – “We predict that 2022 will be a year when partnerships between brands and influencers are stronger, more diverse and more purposeful than ever. The digital transformation continues to bring retail online, which means brands need more creative online partnerships to differentiate them in an all-digital space.”