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v00deaux: “I joined the Army in 1998 initially as an alternative to a career because I couldn’t decided what I wanted to do with my life. I joined the 101st field artillery 1st brigade 320th regiment as a 13F and was first deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom I. I later did 2 more tours in Iraq (OIF III & OIF V) While on my third tour, I sustained a gsw to my right hip and damage to my right knee. Soon after I finished my service in 2008. I picked up streaming while recovering from a leg fracture during a Battle OCR Obstacle course race in 2017. I started as a way to make friends to play games with, meet new and interesting people, and share my love for video games with others in hopes of building a positive, safe community for all to feel welcome in.”

Battle.net: v00d#11984
Steam: v00d
Epic: v00deaux
Bethesda: v00ds
Origin: v00d504
Rockstar: v00deaux