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Increased Exposure

Our platform allows you to network and share content to increase your visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

We are partnered with an award-winning SEO & Internet Marketing company that helps us reach targeted audiences

Mobile App

Our innovative mobile app helps better connect you to our community, and our benefits

Organic & Safe

Via social media, content, SEO, and internet marketing we help our members gain organic exposure

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Impactful Marketing
for Your Brand & Channel

Our approach with Gamactica is to provide streamers an innovative platform with real benefits.

Too many bots, scams, and automated services pop up when you search for Mixer marketing solutions. Gamactica provides you a true resource, with organic benefits (such as SEO) that can have a real impact on your brand, and your Mixer streams for the long-term. Building a brand that is not only visible, but valuable to brands and potential sponsors is important for long-term success.

Content Marketing

Our content, such as Mixer news and esports news, is syndicated in Google, providing a global & national reach

Social Media Marketing

We offer rewards and incentives such as features on our social media profiles to help boost our Gamacticans and their channel

Mobile App

Post clips, updates, pictures, and more with the Gamactica mobile app, an innovative app specifically designed for the industry

SEO Optimization

Gamactica is a one-of-a-kind platform powered by SEO that provides exclusive benefits to our members that aren't provided by similar communities.

Content Diversity

Our platform features a wide variety of specific content, from gaming to ASMR, and from fitness to esports and more, Gamactica is truly for the entire industry.

Global Community

With members from all over the world, Gamactica gives you the opportunity to network with other countries, introducing you to new audiences and friends

Basic Memberships are FREE

It's FREE to Become a Gamactican

Basic memberships and joining Gamactica will always be FREE. But for the Gamacticans who want to receive more of our benefits, more of the exposure, and more visibility within the network, we offer affordable paid memberships as well. Control your account, your exposure, and your branding with Gamactica.

Our Message


Anthony DiMoro
"I launched Gamactica back in October 2018 as a hobby, and it quickly grew into one of the most vibrant and innovative communities for the industry. As we continue to involve, I continue to dedicate myself to evolving this platform and improving how it impacts the industry."
Anthony DiMoro
Founder & CEO