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Gamactica Unveils GamactiPoints, Watch Party Initiative



Today, I am happy to announce two new, big, additions to the Gamactica website and community.

First things first, many of you may have noticed that you’re earning GamactiPoints, and that there is a little leaderboard in certain areas of the website showing the top earners of GamactiPoints.


GamactiPoints are points you can earn for a variety of community-related activities, such as:

  • Posting a Daily Update on Gamactica: we reward you for sharing your channel updates, clips, stream links, etc.
  • Building your network on Gamactica: adding friends, joining and engaging in groups, etc.
  • Recruiting new members to Gamactica and the Stream Directory
  • Much, much more with more being added.

GamactiPoints are more than just a number, you can cash them in for things to help your channel, such as social media promotions/features from one of our social media accounts, making your channel featured in the Stream Directory which boosts your exposure, and more.

We want to reward community-related actions, and those who help build our community, but also other members of our community.

A full breakdown of GamactiPoints can be found here.

Watch Parties

The next announcement is exciting, because it holds so much potential to be something really effective, beneficial, and powerful.

Some of you who are on your Path to Affiliate and/or Partner, may have noticed the following on Twitch:

Now, Twitch is changing how views are being counted, and while it seems on the surface as a negative, the intentions are likely to cut down on those who manipulate certain tactics to “manufacture” numbers.

So, what do we do?

This is where our new Watch Parties come into play.

Watch Parties will be events where a number of Gamactica members go to another member’s LIVE stream and visit, talk in the chat, and engage with the channel for 20+ minutes.

This will help draw new and engaging viewers to a channel, and will help members achieve goals.

Each member of Gamactica who participates in a Watch Party will be rewarded with GamactiPoints, and can keep racking up points with each Watch Party they attend.

Then, they can purchase their own Watch Party by cashing in their GamactiPoints.

This will be heavily policed to ensure we have active and engaging members of this group, so, interested members will have to meet our requirements to be considered for the group. Once you are approved, you can then participate in Watch Parties and be eligible to activate your own Watch Party.

Naturally, we want to round up a solid number of members before fully launching this, so if this is of interest please visit this page.

NOTE: We will roll this out for Mixer members too, once this group builds a strong memberbase.

With the addition of GamactiPoints and Watch Parties, we now offer streamers a number of ways to boost the exposure of their channel, and a powerful way to market their streams.

Combined with the Stream Directory and our community based website, I am excited to see what the rest of 2019 has in story for Gamactica.

It is crazy to think that we launched a little over 4 months ago, and we have accomplished so much, thus far, with much more on the way.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.


Anthony DiMoro
Founder/CEO Gamactica

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Gamactica After Dark: Gears of War 5, Amouranth, Borderlands 3 and More



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Can You Survive the Gamactica Challenge?



If you are a member of the Gamactica community, play Friday the 13th on Playstation, and want to win some marketing for your channel and page, then step up and challenge the team during the special Friday the 13th Stream Event this week.

If you think you’re a badass Jason who can’t be stopped, then issue the challenge to our team. Selected participants will be invited, during our live stream event, to join our private lobby for one match.

Should you survive as Jason you can win the following:

  • ONE free promo on one of our Instagram or Twitter accounts (@Gamactica_/@TwitchUniverse/@MixerUnited on Instagram | @Gamactica on Twitter)
  • A clip from your stream featured during an episode of the Gamactica After Dark podcast. Clips are 45 seconds to 1 minute long and are featured as part of our Featured Streamer of the week segment at the end of the podcast that is uploaded to YouTube.

How to qualify:

  • Must be a member of the Gamactica community
  • Must be listed in our Stream Directory (or have an application pending)
  • Must be following Gamactica on Twitch/Mixer
  • Must be 18+ (our stream is for adults)
  • Must be available during our event that runs from Thursday September 12th into Friday September 13th.
  • Must be playing Friday the 13th on Playstation

If you want to join in, respond to us on Social Media and/or email us using our Contact Form

WARNING: Stream sniping, cheating, toxicity, etc. will result in immediate disqualification and ban.

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