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Twitch, LG Announce Partnership with Pokimane




Twitch and LG have announced a new streaming partnership with one of the most popular Twitch streamers, Pokimane.

The two brands have announced a promotional partnership for a streaming event featuring Imane “Pokimane” Anys and other women streamers. Per the deal, Anys will serve as squad leader for the stream the upcoming stream event with Celine “Starsmitten,” Angela “AriaSaki” Don, and Alena “AngelsKimi” Kim using Twitch’s squad stream feature.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 20th.

As of this writing, there are no details regarding what game they will be playing, but it is expected to be from the MOBA genre.

Anys will use one of LG’s UltraGear monitors during the event, which will be featured on Twitch’s homepage.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Not Replacing Mixer on Xbox One Dashboard



Making things a bit more difficult for Mixer streamers who are planning to become Facebook streamers in the wake of the sudden news that Microsoft was ceasing operations for Mixer and moving to Facebook Gaming, Facebook Gaming will not be replacing Mixer in the Xbox One console dashboard.

“If you are asking if the current Mixer integration in the dashboard is just going to become Facebook gaming. The answer is no,” Major Nelson said when he was recently asked directly about it on Reddit.

Furthermore, Xbox Head Phil Spencer stated on Twitter that Microsoft wants to give players options, which may rule out bringing some form of Facebook Gaming integration to the Xbox consoles in the future.

“Yes, we absolutely want to give gamers choice of where to stream from Xbox” Spencer tweeted in response to a question about the situation.

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Gamactican, Mixer Streamer ‘TygarLily’ Reaches Partner



Gamactica member are Mixer streamer ‘TygarLily’ has officially reached Partner status on the Mixer platform, marking an incredible milestone in her streaming career.

“Hitting Partner on a recognized platform has been my dream over the past 4 years… has it changed anything for me? I would say no… I still have the business relationships I made over the years and will still be working just as hard” Tygarlily told Gamactica.

While streaming platforms continue to battle it out for content creators, TygarLily, who first started on Twitch, found her home on Mixer.

“I chose Twitch first because it was marketed well. I enjoyed streaming on that platform and meeting individuals that loved crafting and playing the same games as I” she said.

“It was actually a really great platform for cosplay building. I made the switch to Mixer about 10 months ago because the community made me feel like a real personality… I wasn’t just a viewer trying to make it… I was a personality, gamer, and creator that people wanted to see everyday. That was the drive for me when I switched.”

She started her streaming career based off her love for gaming.

I’m a well rounded gamer… the traditional.. “my family grew up on consoles like Genesis, Super Nintendo, Windows 95….”

“Around 2016 I started getting really wrapped up in World of Warcraft” she said.

“Blizzard always does activations of… “Sign up today and get a free…” so I signed up for Twitch and it changed my gaming world for the better. I started streaming my Guild’s raids every week and then my Overwatch games with friends I met during cosplay conventions.

The positive response I got from viewers and crafters kept me going. I only streamed as a hobby since I was going to school and working full time. It wasn’t until my family made the decision to move to Georgia.. where I had to give up my salary job.. when I made the decision to stream full time.”

Her approach to content creation is being herself.

“First, I’m a gamer. Second, I’m a cosplayer. Sure there are tons of girls just like me out there but what makes me different is that I’m making content that’s meant to be striking in a tomboyish approach. I don’t want to be recognized as a girl looking for attention with cosplay, I want my cosplay to be recognized as a marketing strategy for my favorite video games.”

Reaching Partner on any platform is the end result of hard work and dedication, and TygarLily had some tips for those who are still on their path to Partner.

“Follow your passions but don’t get absorbed into what you like doing” she suggests. “You will have to play and create what you want about half the time. The other half is adjusting, marketing, and gaming what the viewers/platform/businesses want to see.”

Tygarlily is a member of the Gamactica community, and you can follow her page here. She is also listed in our Stream Directory, so feel free to leave her a review here. She is also listed in the Gamactica Cosplay Directory, and you can find her here.

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Shroud Says Twitch Will Lose to Mixer Eventually



It may seem like Twitch is hands down winning the “war” between streaming platforms, especially after reporting record-breaking viewership numbers during the past few months people have been in quarantine, but one of the most popular Mixer steamers, Shroud believes that Mixer will eventually overtake the streaming mega-power.

Shroud sparked a debate by sharing a video to his second channel where he admits that Twitch is currently winning, but stated that he feels that Mixer will eventually come out on top, stressing that people need to be patient.

‘Twitch has been around for longer, therefore there’s more people there,’ Shroud said during the video (h/t “So a lot of people don’t think of the long-con. They don’t think of the long play. They just think of the short-term play.”

Shroud went on to say that he believes that the “up and comers” on Mixer will build their own established audiences, and those brands will be able to compete with some of the older Twitch streamers who have used the platform for years.

Shroud went on to say that Twitch has become “oversaturated” and that he thinks anyone looking to break into the streaming industry would choose Mixer.

“Of course Twitch right now is doing so good and continuing to do so good” Shroud continued.

“Because they have something. People who have started on Twitch 6 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago… if they started that long ago, they probably have a good foundation. ‘When you’re creating a streaming platform, you really just have to sit there, and f**king wait,’ he continues, ‘Like, truly, that’s what you gotta do, and Microsoft’s perfect because Microsoft’s f**king huge. They have the resources to just sit there and wait… that’s how I know Mixer has a very, very good chance to succeed.’

‘When you’re creating a streaming platform, you really just have to sit there, and f**king wait,’ he continues, ‘Like, truly, that’s what you gotta do, and Microsoft’s perfect because Microsoft’s f**king huge. They have the resources to just sit there and wait… that’s how I know Mixer has a very, very good chance to succeed.’

If you want to check out some up and coming streamers on Mixer, feel free to check out our Mixer channels section to see who is LIVE now.

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