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Gamactica Names Lorenzo Rossi Chief Financial Officer



Lorenzo Rossi

Gamactica is happy to announce the appointment of Lorenzo Rossi as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

“Lorenzo brings close to two decades of experience in sales, telecommunications, and business. His insight will help Gamactica as we embark on a promising 2021 where we project marked growth, and the implementation of new features which will further the Gamactica platform. Lorenzo will be a vital part of business relationships, as well as our planning for continued growth” Anthony DiMoro, CEO of Gamactica.

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Gamactica Names Allan Stroud Chief Communications Officer



Allan Stroud

Gamactica is excited to officially announce the appointment of Allan Stroud as Chief Communications Officer (CCO).

“Allan is one of the first members of Gamactica, and has been along for this incredible journey for many of our major milestones. Allan brings management experience, and valuable, unique experience thanks to his football career. Allan will be heading up our community growth and community relationships. He will work with brands, streamers, esports teams, and projects related to our community growth” Anthony DiMoro, CEO of Gamactica.

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Gamactican Madskadie Featured on Sudairy



Gamactican and Twitch streamer Madskadie has been featured in twitch news outlet Sudairy, to celebrate her recent accomplishment of reaching Twitch Partner status. Madskadie has been a member of Gamactica for quite some time, so we are thrilled to see that her hard work and dedication has paid off on Twitch.

“I started off gaming at a young age, fighting with my brothers and sister over the controller for who would be next” Madskadie said, according to Sudairy. “It didnt stop there, buying my first console with my own money at the age of 15 buying Call of Duty MW.”

Madskadie started out on Twitch trying to perfect her style, and the flow of her channel. She found success when she started mixing up the games she played live on stream.

“When I started to play more variety games, I was playing a lot of DBD and I tried out Among Us which is where I started to see the lift in numbers” Madskadie said. “I’ve always played a lot of psychological horror games.”

The Australian-based streamer also has a big following on TikTok, and has dedicated herself to building a community that she truly values and appreciates.

“My stream is very community based” she said.

“We’re all one big happy family. I am very much true to who I am in real life, what you see is what you get. I swear like a sailor as I was raised by a sailor and my community enjoys messing with that. I play a lot of variety, I engage a lot with my viewers and people chatting and I just have fun with it. There’s never a dull moment in stream and I am beyond blessed with the incredible people I have by my side throughout this continued journey.”

For other Gamacticans on their own journey to Partner, Madskadie offers the following advice: “Keep persisting. Promoting is key. Twitch’s algorithim isn’t the greatest so promoting on other platforms is the key to finding a bigger reach. Also networking, raiding out even with small numbers, going and hanging out in streams and forming relationships in other streams will help to build your own community and you’ll start to find you have intertwining communities.”

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Gamactican SimbaOnFire Featured on Sudairy



Twitch streamer and content creator SimbaOnFire, who is a member of the Gamactica community, spoke with Sudairy, a twitch news outlet, about his success on TikTok and how he has leveraged his success to build a Twitch channel.

“I used my TikTok fanbase to start my Twitch channel” SimbaOnFire said, during an interview with Sudairy.

“I saved up donations and bought my setup. My fanbase is 100% responsible for getting me here. When it comes to building my Twitch family, we in the Tribe prefer Quality over Quantity. When you come to my streams you come for the vibes and the community. My community has made friendships and relationships for many.

My fans have traveled across the country to meet each other from the bonds they have formed in my streams. AND that is how I want my channel to be built. TikTok is cool and I like making videos to send out, but with Twitch it’s personal, it’s more like family time.”

SimbaOnFire also provided tips to content creators on TikTok who were looking to build their own channel on Twitch.

“TikTok is the main reason for my Twitch following, it is the sole reason for my Twitch channel” SimbaOnFire said.

“The challenge lies in creating content that subtly promotes your Twitch channel. And generating enough curiosity for people to want to check it out for themselves.”

SimbaOnFire’s Twitch Channel

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