Our Team

Gamactica was launched in October 2018 and our mission is to create the ultimate online community, and marketing/promotional platform, for gamers and streamers who broadcast on Twitch, Mixer, DLive, and YouTube.

Gamactica also aims to be a comprehensive online resource for cosplayers, gaming teams, esports teams, gamers, brands, development companies, and content creators.


Anthony DiMoro 

Anthony has worked in the internet marketing/SEO industry since 2008, and is the CEO of Elite Rank Media, an award winning internet marketing company founded in 2009.

He is also a sports and entertainment writer, contributing to well known publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post as well as creating his own media brands.

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Cindy DiMoro
Director Marketing & Community Management

Cindy DiMoro is an essential part of our efforts in Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding & Community Engagement. Customer service has been a focal point of Cindy’e entire career and her people-skills have been essential to our crafting of the Gamactica community.

Cindy is a brand ambassador and helps us build our community engagement, as well as the occasional stream.

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Gia, Loki, Quinn, and Nova

Our rescue dogs, and our fierce security team. Gia, Loki, Quinn & Nova are the dogs that keep our house and office crazy. They also serve as brand ambassadors, in some way, shape or form. They will gladly accept your tips of snacks and/or toys. You may see them on our stream from time-to-time.



Kira was a part of our streams when we first launched Gamactica. Unfortunately, Kira had birth defects that prevented her from fully developing. We took her in knowing she would be challenging, and may not live a long life, and gave her all the love we had.

Sadly, we had to put Kira down in December 2018, only a few months after her 1st birthday, due to liver issues. We miss her terribly, but she will always have a place in our hearts, and on Gamactica.