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New World Patch 1.05 – More Improvements Incoming?

New World 1.04 Gameplay

New World’s 1.05 update is coming tomorrow (7AM PST on 11/4), and with it should come some fixes for some of the more serious issues that the game is currently experiencing. Lets take a look at the most important fixes that are coming (in my opinion), and make sure to check out the full patch notes here!



  • Fixed a bug where players were able to duplicate items via storage sheds and crafting stations.
  • Fixed the issue of gold duplicating on territory projects we introduces by disabling trading and made sure it would not occur in the future should we need to disable trading again.

These are both welcome fixes, not so much because they were having a huge impact on the game, but more so because it shows that the devs are listening to the feedback they are getting from the community and taking quick action.


  • Life Staff: Orb of Protection
    • Removed the small AoE that were triggering on passthrough from ever hit of the base version of Orb of Protection.
    • AoE no longer triggers on passthrough from the Aegis upgrade, it will on trigger on impact against an enemy/ object now
  • Reduced attribute respec coin cost by 60% (AWESOME!!!)
  • Reduced weapon mastery repec Azoth cost by 75% (ALSO AWESOME!!!)
  • Identical Weapon Equipping is no longer allowed
  • Group scaling passives have been corrected so that the passive scales properly
    • Great Axe – Bloodlust (Was reducing damage incorrectly)
    • Hatchet – Against All Odds (Was not removing the buff after leaving the range of enemies, and was stacking damage up to 300%)
    • Warhammer – Outnumbered (Not sure what the issue was here, but based on the others hopefully this helps Warhammer Mains)
  • Spell Strike Consistency: Fixed issues which caused several magic spells, such as Ice Storm and Gravity Well, to not hit consistently.
  • Resilient (Item Perk): Fixed an issue that caused this perk to reduce all damage instead of just damage from critical hits.
  • Numerous outpost rush issues fixed and tweaks (I’m not familiar with outpost rush yet, so I cant comment one way or another on these).

Bug Fixes

  • Repair Kits will no longer require coin to use.
  • Fixed an issue allowing magic weapons to animation cancel their primary attacks with weapon swap or targeting spells, causing rate of fire to be faster than intended.
  • Improved server performance when a large number of players congregate in settlements. (THANK GOD!!!)
  • Fixed an issue causing some player titles to show as <uninitialized>.

My Thoughts:

These are the main ones that stood out to me, but there is a LOT more that they listed as being either fixed or tweaked. I strongly recommend reading through all of the notes yourself to see what else is out there though.

So lets talk about what all of this means for New World… the game has problems. I know, the game is still fun and there is NOTHING WRONG with loving the game that is there for what it is. Should that blind you to the issues that do exist though? Absolutely not. We SHOULD be bringing the issues to the forefront, because if other games have taught me anything (Looking at you Tarkov), many of the issues that we experience are issues that the devs genuinely don’t know about. We have a bad habit of assuming that someone else will report the issue and moving along with our day, but the reality is that without the players reporting issues when they see them the debs cant get the oddball bugs fixed (For example, the quest “What Came Before” in Everfall is bugged, but because it is only affecting a few people there is nothing being done atm for obvious reasons).

So what should you do? SPEAK UP when you see an issue! Go to the forum and report any bugs that you see. You can even look through what bugs they are actively working on and what the community has reported!

What shouldn’t you do? We should NOT be attacking content creators that are reporting on the issues they are seeing or experiencing. Most of them want the game to succeed, and them shining a light on the current bugs and exploits are usually to try and help throw their weight behind the issue to get a faster fix. They are not our enemy, and attacking them only makes the community as a whole look bad… So stop it!

What are your thoughts on New World as it stands? What is the most important fix, or something that Amazon Games Studio may have missed in this patch, that is coming with 1.05? Join The Games Guild on Gamactica to join the conversation and let me know your thoughts!

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