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Escape From Tarkov – Major Changes on the Horizon!!

-UPDATE- .12.11.7 dropped today introducing Unity 2019, however no other features were added at this time. They will come in future updates, but from a development standpoint this is BIG!

Escape From Tarkov is about to undergo some major changes, and I for one am HERE for it!

Patch is dropping tomorrow, with 12.12 in the very near future (Likely Holiday/ New Years) and there are a LOT of changes coming. Today I think we should take a look at what has been confirmed, and what else is being speculated for in the coming months for Tarkov.

Wipe with .12.12???

First of all, we have all but confirmed that a wipe is coming with 12.12. The timeline makes sense (Would be about 6 months since the last wipe) and with all of the new features that are coming it feels like the right time for a wipe for development. Nikita also let it slip that there may be a wipe with .12.12 on another recent podcast, but has not been willing to confirm this since. This tells me that it will likely be happening, but Nikita doesn’t want the hype train rolling too early since we all know that their timelines get thrown out all the time.

Confirmed features for .12.12

From the latest podcast, we know for sure that few things are coming. First, we know that VOIP is being tested on the ETS servers right now (Confirmed by Nikita). We also know that they will be rolling out the Unity 2019 update to ETS soon (Possibly sooner then we think, but more on that later). These have HUGE potential to change how we play the game. VOIP will allow us to potentially work together with random players, and even though I believe it is going to be extremely toxic for the first few months, it will balance out after a time and allow us to create our own content down the line. The far more important change long term though is the Unity 2019 update. This wont have an immediate impact, but it is the gateway to the next Steam Audio modules being introduced to Tarkov, and should allow BSG to focus more on development then bug fixes. That is SORELY needed right now. Unity 2019 will also bring DLSS support, which can help boost a lot of players in game performance, which along with optimization will be huge!

We also know now that inertia will be introduced to Tarkov  with .12.12 as well, something that has been asked for by the majority of the community for a very long time. Additionally, we have confirmation that we will be getting a lot of new toys to play with. Confirmed for .12.12 are:

  • Double Barrell Shotgun
  • Revolver Shotgun
  • UMP Suppressor
  • New Optics
  • SCAR L (5.56)
  • SCAR H (7.62 Nato)

Some of these are going to be the new “Meta” I’m sure, while others are just going to be introduced for fun (I’m eyeballing that revolver shotgun HARD right now).

12.12  and Beyond

Beyond all of that, probably the biggest immediate change is going to be the introduction of the Lighthouse map. Nikita said that we will be getting the “First part” of lighthouse, essentially the entire map minus the actual lighthouse part. That will be added in a later expansion, and will include the first actual in game trader, who will be protected by the Sniper Scav Boss that we already knew would be on the map. BUT, there will apparently be THREE OTHER SCAV BOSSES on lighthouse, which is setting up some very interesting possibilities. I cant wait to see what they do with this.

Beyond .12.12 we got a bunch of other news as well. Nikita confirmed that they will be adding a “Kill Cam” at some point, but it will be something that you have to buy. Right now the idea is to have a camera that you attach to your helmets that you can play back the video in your hideout with. There will also be some kind of prestige system, but we don’t know exactly what that is going to look like yet. Nikita also got into some detail about the current tasks in the game, and how they will impact the “Story Quests” that will be coming down the line. All of the tasks in the game right now are SIDE QUESTS! That is VERY exciting to me, because with all of the Tasks already in the game, the new Daily/ Weekly/ Community quests that have been introduced, and these new Story Quests? That is a BUNCH of content that we will have to play through.

Now, I want to circle back about the update tomorrow… There is no confirmation about this yet, but the rumor mill is going already that this will be to introduce the Unity 2019 update to the game. Earlier this year, Nikita did say that the Unity update would come out in between the major content patches, and this would line up with that. They are also saying to expect at least 4 hours of downtime, which is massive for this game. I cant wait to see what actually drops with this update!!

For those that have made it this far, I appreciate you. If you still have more questions about .12.12, I would recommend watching the below recap that Pestily put out after the Podcast. There are some things that I am sure that I missed, and he can shed some additional light on all of the ins and outs of the new content.

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