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Seven Knights 2 Sets the Bar for Mobile MMORPG!

Wow! More I play Seven Knights 2 by Netmarble, the more I hear myself saying wow! Mobile gaming companies like Netmarble always put out amazing games. Seven Knights 2 is in my opinion the best mobile game I have played all year.

The first thing the game tells you is the best way to experience this game is with your headphones in, and do yourself a favor make sure you do what the game tells you. Many mobile games have some of the worst soundtracks, causing me to turn off the background music within the first half hour of the game. Seven Knights 2 Music was synced up perfectly, as well as even switching up genre in different parts of the game to set up the mood.

I played the game a little on my phone and a little on Bluestacks on my PC, and the graphics are some of the best I have seen for a mobile game. I had shown some of my friends the graphics and they all asked is this a mobile game or a PC game? Now don’t get me wrong you can definitely see where the texture isn’t quite PC quality but its pretty close. When I moved the game to my PC really felt as though I was playing a PC game. I will note that lower end devices may have some issues with the graphics or will have to scale it down on my Samsung Galaxy S21 it played pretty smooth but there was some lag, especially when the action was super intense. Another really cool thing I found was during combat even if it is idle and you are watching your team fighting you can change your camera angles to 5 different camera angles, as well as choose which character you focus the camera on. If you time it right you can make it look like a movie with the characters ultimate’s.

Now the game is idle game for a good portion. You can take control of your character an even move between the other characters but the rest of your team will be on auto. The surprising part of this I usually fall asleep in auto heavy or idle games. This was not the case while playing Seven Knights 2, I had found myself just as invested in the combat as if I was doing all the work myself. However do keep in mind most bosses you will have to take control of your team. Bosses are not weak and can wipe a whole team out if you don’t dodge their attacks. I know I said it was auto but you can take it off idle and have your team rally on you. Or leave it on auto but make sure to move your person manual out of the way of boss attacks. Another other really neat function of combat is after you set your team you can pick a battle formation. You will in some cases get a whole different outcome just by changing your battle formation. With each battle formation you will get several choices and it will explain the buffs you get from it.

One of the most impressive aspects of this game is the story.  There are no long and drawn out conversations. You can invest time into this story. I find myself hitting the skip button on many games however, this game is different I enjoy the story to the point where I don’t want to skip through it which is Another great thing Netmarble does.  Netmarble is also the team behind Marvel Future Revolution, and the story progression is well paced and balanced with action on MFR as well.  Seven Knights 2 story shines above many other mobile games. The intriguing story isn’t drawn out its pace of action vs story is almost perfectly balanced. BTW I hated the Guard Captain, and if you play this game leave a comment to let me know if you hated him as much as me.

There is several different modes like most mobile MMORPG. There is the main mission of course or story line there is two types of PVP, there is a tower mode and a dungeon mode. I know that sounds like a lot but I enjoyed all of them, and I didn’t get annoyed when I had to knock them out I am about 8 hours in the game and am enjoying all the different tasks there are to do through out the game. Another thing to note is instead of the main character carrying baskets or any other silly mission very capable NPC can do in any RPG but they insist you do it. You actually perform missions like pulling civilians out of burning rubble to free them. The PVP is much like the rest of the game you can run and take control of one of the team or you can let your team go auto on the other team. When it comes to PVP it really comes down to your heroes and how powerful they are to be honest.

Of course the game isn’t completely perfect one of the things that really annoys me and its not just with this one particular game but I feel Netmarble in my opinion is very aggressive with the micro transaction packages and pushing that. Mobile games make billions every year in fact mobile games are the largest cash crop in the app stores. I realize free to play games needs to make money some how, and personally if I enjoy the game and I know I will be playing a lot of it I will make purchases. The point where Netmarble and other mobile games loose people is when its almost right away you get a notice. I can see this pushing away people from wanting to make a purchase let them get to enjoy the game for a little bit before you offer them your special daily pack. Also and I haven’t noticed it in this game but when they sell skins its upwards to 20 dollars or more sometimes. Really if companies lowered those prices I bet they would see a much bigger pay out from consumers.

The main character Lene is super likeable which is unlike a lot of there Gacha out there when it comes to the main hero.  Lene is a Day Break Mercenary  armed with a staff and is always up for a fight against evil even if she don’t know what the outcome will be.   As Lene is making here way through her beautiful town conversating with vendors  and with the locals an attack breaks out. The towns guards are clearly overwhelmed and pretty worthless. Lene and her Daybreak Mercenaries go to work helping where ever they can. Lene’s mom who is a bad ass in her own right sacrifices herself to safe Lene and even gives Lene her sacred staff.  All this while you are protecting a very powerful and cute little girl.  As your mom is surely meeting her fate you make a vow to protect the young girl and avenger your mother. The story from there just starts getting better and better filled with witty dialogue and very fascinating characters. No really the characters in this game are actually fun to watch unfold their story in front of you.

Honestly this game is a game you have to see to believe, especially if you are a fan of MMORPG or even RPG games. I find myself thinking I could invest so much time into this game. Between the fascinating story, amazing graphics, great sound, engaging auto or manual game style, as well as the amazing characters. I can say with full confidence that to me this is the best game I have played on mobile all year and I am very excited that I found it. If I had to rate this game from a 1 to a 10 I would rate it a wow, wow, wow out of 10. I highly recommend you give Seven Knights 2 a chance. Especially if you like MMORPG and or RPG.   For More amazing Indie and Mobile Gaming news and reviews check out Gamactica Portals!

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