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Revived Witch Review

Revived Witch is a masterpiece that is nothing short of magical.  Pixel graphics reminds you of classical RPG’s but adds a sprinkle of beauty to it. Not to be outdone, the Music paints an audio picture with its amazing orchestra like sound that feels the story with emotion and gives it life.

Revived Witch pixel graphics shows homage to the retro RPG’s and mixes amazing 2D art and 2D animated art. The graphic style may be reminiscent of classic RPG’s, but its beauty is above anything that has come before it.  The in game music is phenomenal. With a classical orchestra sound that transports you to a land of fairy tale. Blended perfectly with the Classic RPG graphic style it may cause you to invest your imagination and your emotions into the game. Leave your head phones on trust me.

As you move a round on the map it reminds you of the old school Zelda games we all come to love. Most Gacha games have certain criteria or goals you have to accomplish to completely beat a level and get an extra reward.  To completely clear Revived Witch levels you have to find all the treasure chests. which adds an element of fun exploration. It has small puzzles you have to accomplish to move on which consists of light rays and mirrors that you have to turn to unlock doors and levers to pull that lowers certain gates and vines, and raise the walking path There are enemies on the map that you will bump into which of course triggers a fight between you and many weird creatures. Some of these enemies are very easy to vanquish however the bosses are an extremely fun challenging fight that live up to the pixel style big bosses from RPG’s from the past.

What is the story of Revived Witch?  Your a witch that has been asleep for a very long time, and upon waking, you put on your hat, grab your staff, and make your way to a large spiral tower. Leading you to the tower a voice or a whisper that calls you to your destination. Upon entering the tower you are joyfully greeted by your servant that says she has been waiting for you for a long time. Recognizing that you are missing your memory she aids you in starting your quest to collect shards of your memory. You are not alone on this journey you possess this ability to summon dolls. These dolls are souls from other dimensions that you call to fight by your side.  With your dolls and friends you make along the way by your side you start an adventure to find your memories.

So a couple of negatives about the game or potential negatives for others. First is the pixel graphics that I just praised so highly however, I could see that being a deterrent for players that don’t care for that classic style look. The Auto game play style may not appeal to some that like a more action feel to their games. I will note that you are able to turn off the auto feature and play without the fights may be challenging to control but may be the challenge that some players look for. One thing I’m not a huge fan of is the limited energy you have to complete missions. Lots of Gacha has this energy limit and it cost you energy whenever you enter levels and or events. Once the energy is gone you can replenish it with consumable items that you may have in your inventory or you can use in game currency. I realize they do this to keep people from beating the game to quickly and of course to make some money but it can cause the game to drag along after awhile.

The Classic RPG feel with the amazing orchestrated music and amazing fairy tale story. Revived Witch stands out from other Gacha games with its daring and bold style.  Games like this are needed in a stagnant environment where you see a lot of games that are so similar its hard to tell them apart at times. This game is a rare gem and if you love good fairy tale type stories paired with amazing music, Classic Zelda exploration with exciting old school RPG battles then this is the game for you. All this magic is free to play and fits right in the palm of your hands on your phone or tablet look for it in the Google play or IOS store.

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