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Guide To Creating Conversations

It’s common for streamers to struggle with engagement. There are many various ways to approach a conversation with someone new. Here are a few great examples!

Step 1: Initial Interaction 

  •  First, check out some streams. In your free time, be sure to watch some streamers, preferably ones that you have something in common with whether it be community-based or gaming preference.
  •  After watching someone’s stream, ask them if you can give them some input. Speak on things you may have liked about their stream. Maybe they had an overlay that you liked or a transition-scene that fits your style, maybe their game of choice just so happens to be your favorite or most played.

Tip: If you’re currently watching someone’s stream and their audio is too quiet or maybe it’s echoing, let them know in a polite way as they may not notice. After their stream, ask what type of mic they’re using, tell them what you enjoyed about their stream or what you would have done differently. Offer tips or advice if you have similar experiences as them. Most people enjoy other people’s input especially if it’s done politely and if it has potential to help someone’s channel.

Step 2: Network While Off Platform

  • Networking in general is far more than just posting “I’m going live”, it’s the ability to connect with others of common interests. 
  • Utilize social media platforms and Discord channels, they are a great tool for conversation starters. For example, if you post a pic of your pet and someone responds to your photo by posting a picture of their pet shortly after, this is a perfect way to break the ice. Those types of conversation starters are great for those who are hesitant on speaking out first. It takes time for people to get to know you and that’s okay. Help provide them with a topic to get to know you on. You can never go wrong with talking about animals!
  • Another way to start a great conversation with someone is by asking them when they’re streaming next. By asking them how they’re doing, how their day was, and when they plan on streaming again. Show them that you’re interested in their lives and not just what they are doing on stream. Ask what types of games they’re into or click on their profile to see which games they listed upon their reaction roles. Maybe you’ll come to find that you both take an interest in a similar game. Ask to play a game together and before you know it, you just might collaborate on a stream.

Tip: Maybe you’ve come across a youtube video of theirs. If you enjoy it, be sure to let them know. Talk about their editing technique or the royalty-free music that they used. Talk about the content or game they’ve featured in that video. Ask for suggestions from them if you’re interested in creating content on the same platform.

Step 3: Utilize Social Platforms 

  •  If you’ve been using the appropriate hashtags within your social media posts on other platforms, take some time throughout your day and search up similar posts by clicking the hashtag. Discover people that have similar interests as you. Instead of directly messaging them, as not everyone likes a stranger in their inbox, leave them a nice comment on a post you like of theirs. Talk about gaming, streaming, or whatever it is you both may have in common. Instead of going to their page and leaving a random follow, comment asking them to let you know when they plan on streaming/posting again. Do your best to catch their next stream or YouTube video release, etc.

Tip: Search for public posts with key words rather than focusing on hashtags. Twitter is a great platform for this method. If you come across any streamers that post online about the same games you enjoy, comment on their Tweets let them know they’re doing a great job. Tell them you love the game they’re playing, let them know you plan on visiting their stream next time they go live.

There’s so many different ways and methods of networking, these are all genuine examples of great ways to start a conversation with someone. Getting to know someone before asking them for a collaboration is always a great idea. Be productive in your conversations, but be equally genuine. These examples highlight your core interest in appropriate ways, and you might even be able to make some new gaming friends!

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